How to dress for the engagement photo session


Few tips on how to dress for the engagement photo session!!


How to Dress for Engagement Photo Session

You and your partner are so in love, and recently, your partner popped the big question. The proposal is such a special moment within your relationship, and once the shock of your new engagement wears off, it is time to announce your big news! Choosing to do engagement photos provides you with the opportunity to make a creative announcement that is unique to you and your partner, as well as a way to remember this short-lived time within your relationship


Once you have booked your photographer and as your photo session approaches, it is now time to choose your outfit. You may get to your closet, take out every dress, shirt, pair of pants, skirts and other miscellaneous types of clothing, but still have no clue what to wear for your engagement photo session. Do not fret, as H Photography has gathered a few tips to help narrow down your options, so be sure to continue reading for some great inspiration:


  • Be yourself. You and your partner are your own people, you have your own relationship dynamic that is unlike any one else’s and your style should reflect that. Your engagement is the perfect time to show off you and your partner’s unique personalities by choosing to be yourself within your photos. By being yourself, you will be happy and relaxed and it will shine through within your engagement photos. So, when it comes to choosing your outfit, do not go for a tuxedo and a fancy dress if that is not “you”, but rather opt for your more regular attire, clothing that you are comfortable in and that will express who you are as people within your photos.


  • Complementing outfits. We all remember the early 2000’s where too many people coordinated matching sweat suits with their partner or friends, and even their children. It was somewhat charming the first time it happened, due to it being different, but after everyone and their dog, sometimes literally, were wearing matching outfits, it lost its charm fast. Your photo session is probably not the best time to bring it back, but know that you and your partner can still complement each other’s outfits with colors or patterns that are discreet but flow beautifully together. Matching a cute blue patterned top with bold blue socks is a great way to still complement each other without reaching matching outfit mode.


  • Colors. It may be your first instinct to find your most slimming outfit and rock that gorgeous figure it gives you. However, this is your engagement photo shoot, so it is your time to shine with your new fiancé. Consider some vibrant colors as they will give your photo session a happy vibe and offer you and your partner a chance to steal the spotlight, while still allowing the background colors to pop. Your favorite black outfit will reveal every hair or stain that decorates it, and white should be saved as a dramatic outfit for your wedding day. So, do not be afraid to grab that gorgeous purple dress or that cute orange plaid shirt, and rock your photo session with confidence and beauty.


  • Your Fiancé. As the Bride to-be, it can sometimes be easy to get wrapped up in your own attire, and unfortunately forget to put as much effort into the outfit of your fiancé. One aspect to remember is that if you pay attention to the shoes in particular, it can really save an entire outfit. Stray away from gym, running and tennis shoes, as they will not reflect a classy appearance, and opt for a pair of dress shoes. Along with your dress shoes, you will be able to create either a casual appearance, with jeans and a dress shirt, or a more formal look, with a suit, or even just jeans and a nice sports jacket. And as for yourself, consider a very cute dress to accompany your man’s attire, but just be sure that you can comfortably sit in it. And overall, if you can’t think of anything to wear, just create an outfit that you would wear to a very formal dinner.


As you plan your photo session, whether it is for your engagement, family portraits or even your wedding day, do not stress! Just be you, and your photos will certainly reflect your happiness. Here at H Photography, we strive to create a photo session that is unique and personalized to you and your event, for a truly personalized outcome, so be sure to contact us today to begin planning your Illinois photos, and after your session is done, we can grab a coffee and discuss your wedding planning.

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  1. Great tips! I love that you tell them to be true to themselves!

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