Engagement Photos Cantigny Park

Engagement Photos Cantigny Park


Engagement Photos  Cantigny Park in Wheaton

Cantigny Park is where the bride and groom to be decided to make their memories, for the areas richness in floral and architecture.

A fresh love is much like their background—fertile and able to flourish into something more. The casual attire the two both wore made the moment all the more romantic, to seem spontaneous, spur of the moment, to play out perfectly. Their energy projected wiser wisdom than the elder trees, roots, and plants that surrounded them, their lips demonstrated how familiar they were sharing love. A bond that had to be paused, captured, and held onto through inspiring photography. The water from the waterfront burst with a stimulating presence with the assistance of the wonderful colors of Mother Nature; as the powerful couple poetically gazed into each other’s eyes—almost as if their gaze was the cause for the revitalizing beauty that adorned their photo.

Engagements are the Christmas Eve periods to marriage. Couples like Dean and Amelissa embrace these days of trail with positivity, warmth, faith, hope and so on. Engagement is a gift, but just a taste of what’s to come. However, it is very important to have an engagement photo session, to remind you of how big, brave, and beautiful it is to have taken the step; and to acknowledge that despite holding the marriage certificate in your hand—you are indeed and truly married. It takes two to tangle, so double the honor of your commitment, and celebrate twice with both an engagement session and a wedding session. The young pretty couple well accustomed to nature’s most cherished form of serendipity will exchange their vows of love shortly after the shoot. Young love is the most questionable love. Society likes to remind us that we may have rushed, but is that a bad thing?

What is wrong with feeling a rush! That takes you… Also consider that constant assessment of questions emanates exciting reminders; is she the one? Yes; is he the one? Yes.

Remember to seek capture for your most beloved experiences.

You only live once; photos come in handy when memories fade. Love lasts a lifetime they say, so prepare to get it all in a photo album. Because isn’t love the most prized feeling in the world? If it isn’t first on the list, it is second and third and falling in love must be first. Marriage should complete you; we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Photography by: Doru Halip



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