Wedding at Eaglewood Resort and Spa Itasca

wedding photos at Eaglowood wedding

Wedding Photos Eaglewood Resort and Spa

with  Dean and Amelissa

The shelter, support, and companionship that friends and family provide somehow managed to strengthen the essence in the moments that led up to Amelissa’s and Dean’s perfect day. The wedding day and photo session began with both the bride and groom collaborating with the bridal party, as well as their family. The bridesmaids looked amazing, as they assisted the bride with getting ready at the Eaglewood Resort and Spa. They would even glow just as much as the bride would throughout the day.  As for the groom and his groomsmen, they had a joyful moment, delivering a timeless portrait of the group having fun toasting a shot for Dean’s rejoicing decisions. Dean and Amelissa are accustomed to taking marvelous photos, as we seen in their engagement photos done in Cantigny Park. A love like there’s can’t be hidden, which made it easy to capture genuine passion at its peak.

The following destination was to the Church of Christ in Glendale Heights, where it was a Christian ceremony that took place. Full of surprises, and the right party favorites to make for the best celebration, such as: singers, special readings, unity candles, and of course roses for the beloved mothers.

From there, we moved, and they were escorted in a limo, to the Eaglewood Resort and Spa for a quick photo session on the golf course. Next step was to the Red Oak Ballroom where the DJ introduced the family, bridal party, and the grand introduction was left for non-other than the bride and groom. Although, each setting became greater and greater up to this point, here at the Ballroom many beautiful things still came to surface. The cutting of the cake was enchanting, and of course the tossing of the bouquet was beautiful, deservingly so, even more was to follow.

The reception was filled with many surprises and great food! The Maid of Honor, father of the bride,  and brother of the groom all had their touching speeches prepared with genuine emotion. Going along, a surprise performance was done by those little people we all remember from 2011 American Idol ‘Those Funny Little People”  and this surprise had a finale to follow it—fireworks on the terrace. The band placed everyone under a captivating trance with beautiful songs. Timeless and unforgettable memories were captured in the photo booth outside the ballroom and inside the guestbook which was made with the engagement photos and people who signed their hearts and thoughts.

Photography: Doru Halip & Claudia Halip

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