Evanston Wedding Photography
We found someone who had soap bubbles near by and we asked to burrow it for some of the photos.

Fourth of July Wedding with Lauren and Adam at  Hilton Orrington/Evanston IL

                                               Evanston Wedding Photography

We had worked with Lauren and Adam a few months ago for their engagement photo session in Chicago. They selected one of the photos for their save the date wedding invitations and we were  so excited to see the couple once again.

Photography: Doru & Claudia Halip

Assistant: Marian Nestor

Wedding Planner: Melissa and Carrie Jacobson – To The Point

Wedding Venue: Orrington Hotel Evanston IL

Band: Gold Coast Events

Wedding dress in Orrington hotel
We first started the day at the Orrington Hotel in Evanston IL.
Getting ready photos
Claudia, went to the Haven Room where all the ladies were getting ready .
father of the bride crying when seeing his daughter as a bride
Claudia was photographing the bride get her hair and makeup done, she had the unique opportunity and the perfect timing to capture Lauren’s father seeing her daughter in the wedding dress for the first time. It was incredibly emotional for him and he broke down in tears as he hugged his daughter. It was a big moment for the family.
bride seeing herself in the mirror
Lauren seeing herself in the mirror once the veil was on.
wedding rings on the american flag
Forth of July – wedding rings shot!
groom getting ready
I went to the Lake Michigan room where the boys were getting dressed.
Groom's looking in the mirror
Adam working on some last touch ups.
Adam's portrait before the first look
Taking a last portrait of Adam before the first look with Lauren
the importance of first look
When everyone was ready, we did the first look at the Orrington Hotel Balcony.
Meeting her husband at first look
We had Adam stand by the balcony with his back facing the door and then we had Lauren come through the door to meet her future husband.
Wedding dress ideas for bride and groom
Lauren wore a traditional white wedding dress and Adam had a beautiful tuxedo on with a silver tie to match.
wedding veil
As Lauren and Adam embraced for the first time, Lauren’s veil floated in the wind as it got caught by Chicago’s famous windy weather.
Wedding portraits at Orrington hotel in Evanston IL
Candid shots of emotional moments with Adam and Lauren.

unique wedding shot

Orrington Hotel Wedding Photos in Evanston
One last portrait on the Orrington Hotel hallway.
Northwestern University at the Lakefill
We headed to Northwestern University at the Lakefill, which has a beautiful view of Chicago for the main photo session.

Evanston-wedding-H-Photography0407 Evanston-wedding-H-Photography0433

Bridal party taking fun photos
We had a lot of fun with the bridal party.

Evanston-wedding-H-Photography0470 Evanston-wedding-H-Photography0479

Chicago skyline in wedding photos
Portraits of Adam and Lauren with foggy Chicago skyline in background.
Bridesmaids having fun
Girls having fun!


bride and groom photo session at Lakefill
Another great view from Lakefill.

Evanston Wedding Photography

Soap bubbles at the photo session
We found someone who had soap bubbles near by and we asked to burrow it for some of the photos.
unique wedding photos using soap bubbles
The bride and groom threw up huge, huge bubbles into the air and it was a lot of fun to photograph. At the end, the entire bridal party couldn’t help but join in on the fun as well.
Group photo with the groom and groomsmen
Let’s not forget the groomsmen.
using letters for wedding photos
Lauren’s favorite props! Our road starts here.
Fourth of July wedding
After the photo session, we headed back to the hotel to celebrate Lauren and Adam’s Fourth of July wedding.
Ketubah signing moment
We started with a couple of families photos and then the Ketubah signing.
Jewish wedding ceremony
The Grand Ballroom opened and the ceremony started with the entrance of Adam’s parents.
cute flower girl
Here it comes the flower girl!
bride walking down the aisle
Here it comes the bride walking down the aisle with her parents!
Jewish tradition at wedding ceremony
In the Jewish tradition, after the bride and groom first enters the huppah the bride circles the groom seven times, representing the seven wedding blessings and seven days of creation, and demonstrating that the groom is the center of her world.
the Grand ballroom filled with all the wedding guest
It was the perfect day for an Orrington Hotel wedding.

Evanston-wedding-H-Photography1127 Evanston-wedding-H-Photography1137 Evanston-wedding-H-Photography1175

introduction of the bride and groom
The doors opened for reception and the guests were welcoming the newly married couple.
Adam and Lauren first dance
First dance…
Melinda Jacobs from To The Point
Great work done by Melinda Jacobs from To The Point

Evanston-wedding-H-Photography1398 Evanston-wedding-H-Photography1406

Hamotze and Kiddush photo
The couple celebrated a Jewish wedding and had Hamotze and Kiddush, which was made by Adam’s grand father.

Evanston-wedding-H-Photography1476 Evanston-wedding-H-Photography1488 Evanston-wedding-H-Photography1492

Interesting group photo
Lauren’s best friends!


hora photo
No Jewish wedding is complete without the Hora, or chair dance.
Amazing wedding party
The party was amazing and it was suppose to end by midnight, but it just kept on going as the band played ‘just a few more’ songs for all the wedding guests.

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  1. What a fun city wedding at the Hilton Orrington! I love the shots of the bride and groom on top of the hotel.

    1. Thank you Samantha! This was an amazing wedding with incredible nice people all around!

  2. Love these images. The FOB expression is priceless and what a beautiful bunch of the Bridal Party!

  3. Lauren and Adams wedding day was beautiful at the Hilton Orrington. That place looks elegant and the perfect place for a wedding.

    1. Thank you Michelle! The Orrington hotel is very classy and was a perfect place for a beautiful wedding!

  4. You did a great job capturing this wedding day! You are a talented photographer!

    1. Thanks a lot Christine! We were a team! Claudia, Doru and Marian worked together!

  5. fantastic jewish wedding! You should submit to smashing the glass to inspire more Jewish Brides!

  6. WOW what a party! I love your captured of this 4th of July wedding in Evanston, IL. The couple had a huge wedding party! Beautiful wedding you captured.

  7. How fun, a wedding on the 4th of July! Very nice work. I liked that you incorporated the flag into the ring shots! It really commemorates the day.

  8. As usual, The H Photography has captured some stunning wedding images…both portrait and candid. I love the father of the bride in tears. Such a wonderful thing to catch! And the bubbles and Chicago skyline put these wedding portraits over the top! Wow!

    1. Thanks Christine! We were so lucky to photograph this wonderful wedding!

  9. What a stunning wedding, you captured so much love during that whole day! The moment when her dad seen her for the first time was such a joyful moment I am sure for the both of them. You did an amazing job capturing every little moment that was so special to them, a day they will never forget thanks to you! You are an amazing wedding photographer I can’t wait to see the next lucky couple in IL. that you create amazing memories for!

    1. Thank Jennifer!! It was an amazing wedding! Lots of emotional moments!

  10. What a beautiful Orrington Hotel wedding! Love the moments you captured! The bubbles are so fun and the photos with her dad are priceless!

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