Mary and John Engagement Photography Algonquin

  Engagement Photos with Mary and John in Algonquin IL 

I love this couple! They were so romantic and easy to capture their love! These two are real naturals in front of the camera. Their good looks, fabulous outfit choices, a sublime location and their genuine love for each other made this photo shoot a truly enjoyable experience!

John wore lighter pants, and a light grey/blue shirt, with brown shoes. Mary wore a cream colored dress with mauve shoes.

 As they mentioned: “Our look is simple rustic chic. We both have roots more in the country with our families but fell in love with the city so wanted to bring a more modern chic vibe to our roots. So combining the vibes of the city in a country-like setting. We also both love being outdoors so felt most fitting to be outside for our engagement session.”

Mary & John

I recently photographed  Mary and John in Algonquin IL.  This soon-to-be wedded couple will be getting married on December 2021 and I am very excited about it.

Algonquin Photo Session

How they met:

Mary and John met at Rush hospital on the COVID unit where they both work as nurses. They became friends working side by side and as John mentioned: “it’s funny because we barely knew what we each really looked like because of all the PPE, we had masks, scrub caps, and gowns we’d wear all the time. Our first date after a few months of friendship was not only exciting for both of us, but also the older nurses on the unit who had teased us for months that they better be invited to our wedding and made each of us embarrassed but secretly hoping it wouldnt throw the other off.”


The Proposal:

John proposed at her apartment surrounded by a bunch of lit candles and rose petals with a Frank Sinatra record playing. And then surprised her with an engagement party at his place, where both their families were waiting, as well as their closest friends.


candid shot

Upcoming wedding

I asked the couple what is the most excited thing for them about for your upcoming wedding:

Here is the answer: ”

We can’t wait to celebrate with all our family and friends and to have them share in the joy we’ve been experiencing ever since we started dating. We both are pretty easy going people, and the center of all our planning is around making sure all the people we love are able to share in our joy. “


engagement ring


I asked the couple  how was your overall session experience?

“We had a lot of fun, especially considering neither of us love getting our pictures taken. But the experience could not have been more comfortable, we were relaxed and able to be ourselves the entire time.”

the tree of life

Fox river lovers
fall engagement
sitting on the grass

september engagement
sky and engagement

May these two live happily ever after! See you at the wedding!! 

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  1. Mary Teresa and John, These are very beautiful engagement pictures. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. John is handsome. I’ve never met you but you seem like a nice guy. Mary and I hope to be getting an invitation to your Wedding. We hope we can work around whatever elements their are to your wedding. These pictures are a fine statement. Warm Regards, Paul and Mary

  2. Wonderful Photos!!!

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