Mary and Frank Engagement Photos in St. Charles

Mary and Frank engagement photo session Mary and Frank’s Engagement Session in St. Charles

I got together with the very lovely couple Mary and Frank to take photographs of their engagement session in St. Charles. They will be having their wedding June 2015 at the Vila Olivia in Bartlett IL. We stopped by the Pottawatomie and St. Mary’s park, two of my favorite places, to photograph some very special moments with the couple.


You may have seen in other blog posts such as Laura and Derek’s engagement session  and Tom and Mindy’s wedding ceremony  that these parks really capture something special in couples. I believe the rich colors of the grass and tress makes it a perfect place to celebrate a moment of love and happiness. Also, not to mention, you get a great view of the pier.

When we set out to photograph both Mary and Frank together, we were really lucky as it was one of the last remaining days of autumn here in Illinois before the winter came in. The water and tree still had a lot of life to them and wonderful color. Mary and Frank have such a strong connection that we decided to take more exclusive looking photos of the two together.


We captured some great shots of the couple sitting on the bench from afar with the autumn leaves peaking through the top of the camera lens. I also loved the way the two walked when they were together and felt that pictures from a distance could capture this strong connection that they have.


We spent the day exploring the park and capturing some fantastic photos for the engagement session in St. Charles. At one point during the session, Mary wrote on her hand the date Frank proposed to her. I love this because we got a perfect picture of the two kissing and her hand with the special date on it blocks the camera’s view of the couple’s faces. We took some time near the pier as the water looked so peaceful and the couple wanted to spend a few moments together hand in hand.


I can not wait to be reunited with the couple again in 2015 and catch up with them on their wedding day.

Photographer: Doru Halip 

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  1. Wow. That black and white image is amazing. What an amazing engagement session!

  2. What a fun engagement photos! What a good St. Charles Photographer!

  3. Love this engagement session, wonderful photography in Chicago!!

  4. Beautiful St. Charles engagement photos! Love are your locations!

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