Pinstripes Wedding Reception

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony  in St. Charles

                                     Tom & Mindy

  Tom and Mindy prepared for their wedding day at the Hilton Hotel in Hoffman Estates, Chicago.

They asked the wedding photographer to take their pictures in a journalistic style and we hope they were  pleased

with how the photographs turned out. Mindy got ready in one of the Hilton rooms with the help of her mother, sister, and the maid of honor.

As the women were helping the bride-to-be get ready, Tom and his groomsmen were having fun posing for the camera at the hotel lobby.

Wedding Ceremony Pottwatomie Park in St. Charles

Mindy wore a traditional white wedding dress with ruffled fabric reaching from her waist to the floor and teal heels. The maids of honor wore teal dresses and white shoes to complement the bride. They took the wedding ceremony outside in the beautiful Chicago spring weather at Pottwatomie Park in St. Charles. The location was filled with life and lush green grass. In the background, you can see the Fox River and boats happily passing by the couple.

The priest began the ceremony and instead of lighting unity candles, Tom and Mindy had a unity tree. They poured dirt and water into the planter that was located in the middle of the stage on a table. It made for an interesting wedding photo session. After the ceremony, the couple posed with friends and family in the Pottwatomie Park and took a limo from St. Charles to Barrington to visit their favorite yogurt store, Bamboo Spoon Yogurt.

Wedding Reception Pinstripes Barrington 

Tom and Mindy reunited with their friends and family at the Pinstripes bowling alley in Barrington for their wedding reception. Upon arriving at the reception, small brown boxes sat on the table for the guests to open and enjoy. The couple, along with the bridesmaids and Tom’s groomsmen, sat at a long horizontal table that was nicely decorated with flowers. The newly weds cut into a small cake with coconut frosting on top and celebrated their first dance together as one. As guest were dancing on the dance floor, Tom and Mindy sneaked out with their photographer to take some great shots of the bride throwing bowling balls in her elegant dress with her husband. Before the wedding photo session was finally finished, the bride threw her bouquet into a crowd of squealing women and one of her bridesmaids caught the flowers in absolute joy.

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  1. What great shots! I love all the little details!

  2. What a beautiful wedding, especially the location! I loved the idea of the movie ticket and the sign on the chair, to precious!

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