Pre-Wedding Photography with Nabanita and Soumyadip in Downtown Chicago

Nabanita and Soumyadip’s Chicago pre-wedding photography session

Pre-wedding photography has become an integral part of a couple’s journey towards their big day. It allows them to celebrate their love story and create everlasting memories in a stunning location. Recently, I had the privilege of photographing Nabanita and Soumyadip in the heart of downtown Chicago. With two exquisite outfits and the iconic Chicago River as their backdrop, we embarked on a picturesque adventure, capturing their love and excitement before their wedding day.

 An affectionate couple stands on the LaSalle Bridge, gazing towards the iconic Chicago Board of Trade building in the background. The evening sunlight casts a warm glow on the cityscape, highlighting the architectural beauty of both structures. The couple's embrace and shared moment reflect the timeless love and charm of Chicago's urban landscape.

How Did They Meet?
Nabanita and Soumyadip’s love story began with a connection made through social media. After getting to know each other online, they decided to meet in Chicago, the city that would later become a special place for their engagement shoot.

The Proposal:
One fine day, while on a lunch date, Soumyadip surprised Nabanita with a heartfelt proposal, marking the beginning of their journey towards marriage. It was a special moment that sealed their love and set the stage for their pre-wedding photography session.

Nabanita and Soumyadip smilingly pose for a photograph on the scenic Chicago River Walk. The sun-kissed waters of the river reflect the vibrant cityscape in the background, as the couple stands side by side, their love evident in their joyful expressions. Surrounded by the architectural beauty of Chicago, the image encapsulates a perfect moment of togetherness and happiness, a testament to Nabanit and Soumyadip's love story on this picturesque riverside promenade.
pre wedding
pre wedding photo Chicago
Nabanita Ghosh pre wedding photos

The couple chose downtown Chicago for their engagement shoot because it held sentimental value to them. Having spent precious moments together in the city, they wanted to capture their love along the enchanting riverwalk. Additionally, the magnificent skyline view from North Avenue Beach added a touch of grandeur to their photos, making it a perfect choice for their pre-wedding session.

Pre-Wedding Photshoot on Chicago Riverwalk

Exploring Downtown Chicago:
Nabanita and Soumyadip’s pre-wedding photo shoot took us to some of the most iconic landmarks in downtown Chicago. We started our journey at the renowned Wrigley Building, its architectural splendor providing a captivating setting for the couple. As they strolled hand in hand, their genuine affection radiated through each frame, creating magical moments frozen in time.

Next, we ventured to the majestic Chicago Theater, an emblem of the city’s vibrant arts scene. The marquee and surrounding neon lights added a touch of glamour to the photos, enhancing the couple’s love story against the city’s dazzling backdrop. Their joyous expressions and romantic embraces perfectly complemented the grandeur of the location.
Candid shot at pre wedding photo shoot around downtown Chicago

Fashion Choices for the Pre-Wedding Session:
For their pre-wedding session, Nabanita and Soumyadip carefully selected two stunning outfits. In the first session, Nabanita wore a lavender satin gown embellished with crystals, while Soumyadip opted for a blue suit with a lavender shirt. For the next session, Nabanita looked radiant in an off-shoulder satin ruffle wine red dress, while Soumyadip donned a classic pink shirt with grey trousers. Their fashion choices perfectly complemented the vibrant and romantic ambiance of the locations.

Wrigley Building Chicago
Wrigley Building

For the final leg of our adventure, we headed to North Avenue Beach. Bathed in warm sunlight, the golden sands and glistening waters provided a serene and dreamy atmosphere. Nabanita and Soumyadip’s choice of location truly reflected their love for the Chicago River, which flowed gracefully nearby. As the couple shared heartfelt moments, the picturesque skyline served as a breathtaking backdrop, symbolizing their journey towards a beautiful future together.

North Avenue Beach
Pre wedding at North avenue beach .

North Side of Chicago in backdrop Candid pre wedding photo at North Avenue Beach

A Beautiful Summer Day:
The weather on the day of the photo shoot was nothing short of perfection. With clear blue skies and gentle breezes, the ambiance was ideal for capturing the couple’s love in its purest form. The vibrant colors of their outfits harmonized beautifully with the surroundings, adding an extra layer of charm to each photograph.

Love in the air at North Avenue Beach
watching sunset from North Avenue Beach
The dip at North Avenue beach
The love walk.
candid shot
Sunset picture during pre wedding shot.

Excitement for the Upcoming Wedding:
Nabanita and Soumyadip are eagerly looking forward to their upcoming wedding celebration, which will span multiple days and include their beloved friends and family. The couple is most excited about the beautiful traditional attire they will be wearing and cherishing each moment throughout the festivities.

Nabanita and Soumyadip’s pre-wedding photography session in downtown Chicago captured their love and excitement during this special chapter of their lives. From their initial meeting through social media to the heartfelt proposal, every aspect of their journey has led them to this beautiful moment. With the breathtaking backdrop of Chicago’s landmarks, their choice of outfits, and the vibrant energy of a summer day, their pre-wedding photos will serve as a lasting testament to their love story.

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