Engagement Photos Chicago

Engagement photos Chicago

Engagement Photos Navy Pier Chicago

with Lena and Rafal

When I first met Lena at the Rosemont Bridal Show, we discussed her upcoming wedding to Rafal.  We agreed to meet at our studio at a later date. At that time she brought her sister and we talked about Lena’s perfect engagement shoot. The wedding will take place in Buffalo Grove this August at Astoria Banquets.

However, Lena and Rafal decided that they should be shot in front of the famous Chicago skyline as part of her engagement photography session.After we talked about how the couple met and learning more about her fiancé, we set a date for their engagement photo session. Lena told me that she and Rafal are shy, the type not to show affection for one another in public. However, they did a wonderful job posing for us that day! As you can see from their engagement photos at Navy Pier, Rafal and Lena look so natural and comfortable with one another. You cannot even tell that they were shy at all! The love that Rafal and Lena have for one another can be seen in their engagement photographs.






We were lucky to have a beautiful sunny day to shoot at Navy Pier. As one of the most historic places in Chicago, we always get requests to shoot at Navy Pier. With a big Ferris wheel, plenty of places to pose and the Chicago skyline in the background, it is the perfect place for an engagement photography session. Since it is a busy place, we advise our clients to meet us early in the day to get fewer crowds. In order to get a variety of shots, I posed Lena and Rafal both outside of and inside Navy Pier. The lighting was gorgeous that day, turning the already beautiful Lena into a true model. Her handsome made the engagement photo session at Navy Pier in Chicago perfect. By the end of the day we couldn’t pick our favorite shot with so many to choose from!

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 By: Doru Halip – H Photography 



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  1. Great job, I love the shot against the brick wall with the shadows, brilliant.

    Ken in Ireland

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