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Camy & Sebi – Chicago photo session after the wedding

Today we have some fantastic shots of Camy and Sebi to show to you. I wanted to share these pieces because many couples feel like the only time to have a great wedding is in the summer and that’s simply not true! Camy and Sebi got married in the winter, but we took these wedding photos in the spring under the Chicago skyline.

As you can tell in the pictures, Camy is wearing a traditional white wedding dress and Sebi has a traditional tux with a small black bow tie. There’s nothing wrong with having a great photo session after you’ve already had your wedding. Camy and Sebi knew that when they had the wedding the weather would be too cold to shoot outside and so they held it off for a little while.

Camy and Sebi

When you have the wedding and wait a little to capture the moments on camera, you suddenly have some more fantastic options to choose from. For example, you have no pressure for time, this means you can do it whenever the weather and the time is right for you. You also have a variety of different locations you can choose from too.

Sometimes when you and your newly wed partner are moving from the ceremony, to the wedding photo shoot, and back to the reception, it can be stressful for everybody involved due to time constraints and needing to appear at a certain time. When you hire a wedding photographer after your wedding, you can pick as many locations as you want and they can each be located at opposite ends of Chicago, too.

For example, it was important for both Camy and Sebi to have the Chicago skyline in their photos and to be on the University of Chicago campus. We also took a lot of photos at the Adler Planetarium because of its beautiful landscaping. These locations would be very hard to achieve if you had the bridal party, your friends, and all of your family waiting for you at another location.

Photographer: Doru Halip

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous wedding photography!!! Well done on all accounts! Love the Chicago location!

  2. Gorgeous location! I love the 5th photo down, just beautiful!

  3. Stunning photography!

  4. What a great idea for a post wedding photo session! And what a gorgeous day for these photos!

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