Photo Session on Wedding Day


having photo session during the wedding dayPhoto Session On Wedding Day 

Planning time for a photo session on  wedding day is very important. Some of the brides and grooms will offer less time but others will offer more. This is the case of Dorothy and Abbe!

We always say : the more time we get the more beautiful photos you’ll have!

The aim was to explore different settings and the potential seemed endless for the two to happily montage.  The session in beautiful Wilmington IL was full of magnificently creative wall art. Amongst the many backdrops were elements of nature, flowers under windowsills, and poised and nostalgic tree’s that sat side by side to long golden corn fields. The lovers posed casually, and careless to nothing more than to look into each other’s eyes as if the world could end in an instant, and they’d have no remorse.


This could not have been Aby’s first photo-shoot, as handsome as he is he had all the right camera moves to go along with it. Marc who was the ideal best man, dressed dapper to impress, and smiling from ear to ear, shared how he really felt about the two in a memorable speech. He and the younger sister Marina embellished photos that were delightfully artistic. White and gold was the color theme set out for the ceremony. Gold which is the color that represents relaxation and enjoyment of life, success, courage, confidence, and health. White, the color of fresh beginnings, purity, mental clarity. The perfect combination of colors for an amazing couple.

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