Wedding Photography  Bottom Lounge Chicago

Wedding Photography Bottom Lounge Chicago – Sarah & Mathew

Wedding Photography Bottom Lounge Chicago

 Sarah & Mathew

The Bottom Lounge, Chicago, recently witnessed the wedding photography session of Matthew and Sarah, and it certainly was a memorable event. The session was held in the city of Chicago, and the city had the unique opportunity of hosting the love of these soul mates.

Despite the fact that Mathew had a food poining a day earlier the couple laughs at every single thing, and why wouldn’t they? They recently entered into marital bliss and threw a party to mark the event.

The wedding of Mathew and Sarah was an event that captured a differen view of Chicago. It began at the North West University in Evanston, where Sarah studied for her degree. She will also start teaching there once the couple is fully settled. There was a very small bridal party that had just a few friends over. Betty, Erin, Cody were present in Evanston and Isabel with Sean joined the party as soon as we got to the Bottom Lounge for the second part of the photo session.

A lot of great photos were taken around the campus, and these pictures depicted the love that is shared between the couple. Afterwards, everyone proceeded at Bottom Lounge Chicago, famous for its unique and cool view.

Even though photo’s taken of train tracks normally have a tacky aura about them, but in this case, this particular occasion begged for it. Some photos were taking on the train tracks but we were safe as we were near the alarm system that will announce the train is coming.

The shots with the train speeding behind the couple reminded me some of the shots from Divergent movie which was filmed in Chicago.

As the couple proceeded to the Bottom Lounge in Chicago, you could see the infectious smiles on their faces, as they were very eager to play around with photos. The session to follow was perhaps one of the most unique wedding photography I have taken of a couple around the wedding venue. The lounge seemed very quiet at first, but once people started trooping in, the party began!

As the ceremony was officiated by Sarah’s friend, people had fun anticipating the cocktail hour which was to follow. The cocktail was a very fun event where people connected and had a great time, and the wedding cake was shared as people danced into the night. This was definitely something that many will remember!

Photography: Doru Halip & Daniel Catre




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