Spring Engagement Session

Sarah and Mathew –Spring Engagement Session – Dundee area

Spring Engagement Session

Every time we speak about our beautiful couple Sarah and Mathew, we get a cocktail of soft creative skills well blended with technical skills.

Sarah possesses professional photography skills and what could be better than utilizing your passion by capturing stunning moments for a local theatre in Chicago. Yes, that’s what Sarah does.

On the other hand, I was very impressed by the technical side of Mathew, of course keeping in mind his expertise in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).

Sarah and Mathew will be getting married in the month of September and they have chosen “Bottom Lounge” in Chicago for their big day. The chosen venue hints towards the couples liking for live music, American comfort food and panoramic skyline views.

However, for their spring engagement session, we decided to keep it much closer to nature. East Dundee, a town in North West suburbs of Chicago seemed to be the best option.

I just loved our venue. What made Dundee special for this occasion were its old buildings having American inspired architecture and Fox River. It bisects this old town just beautifully.

Sarah and Matthew complimented each other in their cool and casual dressing. Looking at the calm and decent nature of our couple, I wanted to take shots with elegant and lively poses along with some candid shots.

Having a bright sunny day, added more to our couple’s chemistry as they walked through the streets of the old town and stood against the building, kissing and holding each other while cherishing the moment.

Honestly, I believe having this in depth engagement photo shoot with Sarah and Mathew has helped me a lot to understand their chemistry and to identify what suits them better.

I would love to surprise Sarah and Mathew with an extraordinary outcome for their big day as planned in September at “Bottom Lounge” in Chicago.

Photography: Doru Halip for H Photography

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