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Wedding photography with Gossia and Joey in Chicago

We photographed Gossia and Joey’s wedding on May.  They combined polish wedding traditions with American-style traditions. We began our photographic session at the bride’s parent’s home. Gossia’s sister came in for the wedding from Poland! She was a very special guest and it was an honor to meet her.

We drove to the St. Hyacinth Catholic Church in Chicago to meet the groom. Joey saw Gossia for the first time in her beautiful wedding dress at the church. It was our pleasure to be able to capture this moment. The ceremony was very emotional as the couple exchanged their rings and vows. They also included a candle lighting ceremony in the service.
From the church, the whole bridal party went to Millenium Park at the Giant Bean and then to the Navy Pier for a huge photo session! We were so impressed when they went on the Ferris Wheel for photos! We had many smiling and laughing photos as the Ferris Wheel went around and around.

The party continued at the Chateaux Ritz in Niles where the ABC Chicago band did a great job of entertaining everyone the whole night. Gossia and Joey cut the cake and then did their first dance. The groom then danced with his mother and the bride danced with her father. It was a very uplifting and emotional wedding. We were very proud to be a part of this and wish this couple a long and happy life.

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