Wedding Photography in Detroit

wedding photography in Detroit On April we photographed Dimitri and Melinda at their beautiful wedding in Detroit.

We started taking pictures at Dimitri’s home with all of the groomsmen. It was an emotional moment when his father hugged him and gave him his best wishes.Then we continued to the bride’s home to photograph the bridesmaids. It was a magical moment for everyone around the  room when Melinda put on her wedding dress. She was very elegant.

Dimitri arrived to take Melinda to the Bethel Pentecostal Church in Taylor for the ceremony. The reception was at the Bint Jebail restaurant. The decor and lighting were amazing. The bride and groom were very happy to see the beautiful wedding cake. They completed their wedding with a cool Limo from Limo World. We had some great photo opportunities together with Dimitri and Melinda’s parents and friends after the reception. Dimitri and his friends were great guys to photograph. Silviu, the groom’s brother, was very handy helping us to scout out the best places around Detroit to photograph the bride and groom.

Detroit Wedding


bridal party in Detroit


Detroit Wedding Photo wedding in Detroit Detroit COuple
Thank you Melinda and Dimitri for having patience and letting us use our creativity to bring you beautiful wedding photos. We wish you a great and happy marriage.

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  1. Beautiful wedding — you have a very unique style and approach. I love the rim-light shot on the curved staircase and also theone of the groom spinning the bride in the street. Great job! 🙂

  2. Different and unique style to capture the shot in a perfect way. The capturing of romantic moment on the curved staircase is giving a truly feeling and a unique idea for taking pictures.

  3. Simply beautiful again and again………

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