Wedding Venue Inspiration: Blackstone Golf Course in Marengo, Illinois

Do you know why Blackstone Golf Course in Marengo, Illinois would be the perfect wedding venue for your big day?

Blackstone Golf Course

How many places in your life hold a special meaning? Think of the place where you met your best friend. Was it the playground, school, or even through a mutual friend? This place now holds sentimental value for you.

The place where you marry your partner will also bare special meaning to you. That’s why choosing the best venue is crucial! You have the opportunity to create meaning in a place that you adore.

Have you started your search for your own wedding venue yet? If so, we have a wonderful option that you should certainly take a look at, which is the Blackstone Golf Course in Marengo, Illinois. To learn more about why this lovely venue would be the perfect option for your own big day, be sure to continue reading:

Blackstone Golf Course

  • Gorgeous Greens. Greenery is always a beautiful accent for a wedding! And, at Blackstone Golf Course, you will be greeted with a stunning display of greens. It will be a beautiful backdrop for your festivities, as well as your wedding photos. This also gives you plenty of space to spread out enjoy your celebration in a more intimate setting, such as for capturing romantic first-look photos.

Blackstone wedding venue in Marengo.

  • Crossing the Bridge. Bridges have been a gorgeous and rustic addition to many weddings. And, for good reason too! Luckily, Blackstone Golf Course features a rustic bridge that will allow you to create your own exclusive photos with your partner and your loved ones, as it presents a one of a kind appeal for a once in a lifetime celebration.

Blackstone outdoor ceremony.

  • Gorgeous Stone Work. Sometimes, it’s the littlest details that entice you. These details will create a special look and ambiance for your celebration. This venue features stunning stone work. The sense of style presented is certainly ideal for creating a romantic and fairytale-like appeal for your happily ever after. In addition, it will also provide a traditional aesthetic for your festivities, as well as your wedding photos.

Blackstone Golf Course

  • Carting Around. Is there anything better than cruising around in a golf cart on your big day? This can be a charming addition to your photos as you and your partner drive across the green in your newlywed chariot. Small and charming, a golf cart is a great way to showcase your wedding setting within your photos. It also helps those guests who cant easily transport between wedding settings.

Every couple deserves to say “I do” within a beautiful setting! And, Blackstone Rivers Golf Club will provide just that. We hope that you enjoy the beauty of this stunning venue as much as we do.

 Here are some of the highlights from a wedding at Blackstone Rivers Golf Club in Marengo!

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