Anniversary photo session

anniversary photo session with Ankit and Minnie in NW suburbs of Chicago Anniversary photo session in Chicago NW suburbs 

 Winter Engagement Photos in Suburbs of Chicago

 Our couple, Ankit and Mini, driven by the idea that every day should be special, decided to show everyone that their love was going stronger with each day of their marriage. Three years have passed since they said the “I dos”. The happiness they felt because they had found each other permeated every glance they had and every smile they exchanged. They came to a great idea to celebrate their 3-year anniversary combine the essence of the windy city of Chicago on one hand and the beautiful nature of its suburbs on the other. We were more than happy to follow them on this journey. We came with an idea to do two photo sessions so that we could capture everything they thought was timeless.

After some city-infused photography, we continued our journey to Bartlett, right in front of the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, a magnificent temple that has brought the origin of our couple back to our photo session. After a few poses, we headed for Elgin, where once again we were the witnesses of the astonishing nature of the river Fox. The frozen river with the couple in love was a perfect winter scenery inspiring our photographer to create some of the most beautiful photos.

The trip to Elgin came as a real break for us all, after the glorious and domineering architecture of Chicago.

The next step was the Randall Oaks in Dundee, where a real winter fairy tale was taking place. The couple was more than eager to show their fun side. They immediately took to the photographer’s idea to include the sled in the photo session. What has become of it is serious of fun-infused collection of photos, which showed that this glamour-infused couple had a fun side as well. This was also one of the most fun photo sessions we have experienced in the last couple of years, as it gave us a chance not to bind our creativity, but to let it loose and just have fun.  This unbridled freedom is clearly seen in every photo, which permeates not just freedom, but love as well.

Love that has brought Ankit and Mini together, kept them as a couple through these three years, and will keep them together in the years to come. They truly are an inspiration to all of us when it comes to respecting each other and loving each other deeply. And they truly are this photographer’s inspiration, as they gave me an opportunity be a witness of the special bond they share.



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