Winter Engagement Session Crystal Lake

                        Maureen and Brad’s Winter Engagement Photos in Crystal Lake IL

I first met Maureen at the Commerce Chamber meeting in Algonquin. She found out I was a wedding photographer and told me she had just got engaged to her future husband, Brad, who is from New York. We set a date to have all of us meet and to shoot a fantastic engagement photo session with them. I first met Brad at our photography studio here in Chicago area and you could see right away that this couple was deeply in love with each other.


Brad really enjoys a lot of colorful backgrounds, so he suggested that we head over to the train cars that were left on the railway tracks in Crystal Lake. I thought this was a great suggestion, as the train cars would give a great contrast to the winter snow. We also decided to go to the Three Oaks Crystal Lake
recreational park, also located in Crystal Lake, to really capture their winter-romance that they have in person. It was at this park that you can really see Brad head-over-heels for Maureen and Maureen loving every second of it.

They were a lot of fun to photograph and you can tell that they compliment each other very well. At one point Brad picked up Maureen and piggy-backed her through the snow. She could not stop laughing! The weather was very beautiful and there were not many people out on that particular day, so it really felt like it was just the couple ready to face the world in a new light together. I think my favorite part of the winter engagement photos in Crystal Lake was when the couple was playing by the train tracks and climbing on the train cars with brightly colored graffiti on it. However, I think their favorite moment was when they were sitting on a bench swing together and opening the campaign bottle. They were trying very hard not to get any of the bubbles on their clothes when the bottle was opened.

I absolutely cannot wait to see them again later in the month for their wedding!

Photography: Doru Halip

Assistant: Marian Nestor

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  1. Thank you Doru, Brad and I had a blast! It was a great break for us to do this photo shot and reconnect as a couple. It reminded us why we fell in love in the first place. We look forward to our wedding and capturing those moments!

    1. I am so glad that you like the photos! It was so much fun!!

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