Engagement Photos Long Grove

Erin and Dan posing for their engagement photos in Long Grove Library

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Engagement Photos Long Grove and Vernon Hils

Erin and Dan

When love is in the air it doesn’t matter what the weather is, true
feelings will be visible regardless. Lots of partners opt to shoot
their engagement sessions in spring or summer months. However, no two
couples are the same.  That is why this happy couple decided to shoot
their engagement photos in winter, at the Public library serving Lincolnshire and parts of Buffalo Grove,

Long Grove, Riverwoods,Vernon Hills!

Being bookish has its perks, plenty pages proved to be a perfect
backdrop for Erin and Dan as they posed for the photographer. Their
affection was captured with each click of the camera, emotional
glances passed freely behind the flash. The full wooden shelves warmed
up the site as the happy couple held hands and hopped around, happily.

Glimmering snowflakes set the stage for the next part of the
session-engagement photos in snow! There is something so whimsical
about expressing your love in an environment so frigid. This happy
couple didn’t seem to mind the temperatures, besides, after taking
their engagement photos at the library, they were already heated up to
the idea.

Erin and Dan’s excitement about their upcoming wedding in October was
apparent in the photos. The engagement photos in the snow really
displayed their enthusiasm and allowed them to become more comfortable
with their photographers. Knowing how to take direction, and also
freestyle once they were behind the camera will ultimately prepare
them for their big day.

On the most important day of their lives, they will be ready for
anything! Once October rolls around, they will be the stars at the
Twin Orchards Country Club in Long Grove. All the focus will be on the
loving, happy couple. Zooming in and out for portraits and landscape
shots will be much easier now that Erin and Dan have had the practice
during their engagement photos session.

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by: Doru Halip

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