Choosing the right Diamond

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Diamonds and Finger Sizes: Choosing a Carat Weight to Suit Your Hand

There are many factors to take into account when choosing the perfect diamond. The weight, cut, color and clarity of the stone are obviously quite important. These also happen to be the most well-known variables. However, it is just as important to remember that stones will appear differently based on other qualities. The size and shape of your fingers can play an important role.

choosing the right diamond

Your primary intention should always be to select a diamond that is capable of providing a sense of visual balance. So, how can this be accomplished and what metrics should you take into account? Let us examine some professional tips and tricks during the selection process itself.

Those with Larger Hands

No two diamonds are alike and in the same respect, everyone has unique hands and fingers. Some hands are larger and wider than others; generally resulting in long fingers. In this case, smaller stones may appear to be relatively tiny. This is why it is normally better to choose a diamond that weighs between 1.5 and 1.75 carats (if this is financially possible).

The only possible consideration involves those who may perform manual work with their hands. Larger stones can sometimes become caught on clothing and other items. If you feel that “bigger is better”, opt for a strong setting that will enable the diamond to remain firmly affixed to the ring.

for large finger

Petite Hands and Fingers

Anyone with petite hands will benefit from a smaller carat weight. A one-carat diamond is able to work well with smaller dimensions while boasting a stunning visual appeal. It is likewise a good idea to choose a narrower band, as this will help the stone to look even larger within its setting.

small fingers

Diamond Cuts

Diamond Cuts

It is now clear that larger diamonds are best with larger hands and small carat weights will work well in conjunction with more petite frames. However, we should also mention that size and weight are too different variables. The perceived size of any gem will often involve how it is cut.

long fingers

Long fingers can often be complemented with oval and marquise cuts. If your knuckles are somewhat thick, round brilliant and cushion cuts could be excellent alternatives. Assuming that you have slender fingers, cushion and round brilliant cuts will provide a sense of aesthetic beauty without causing the diamond to overpower your hand.


Other Options

If you cannot afford a very large diamond, it is always possible to choose a setting which smaller stones around the periphery. This will offer a scintillating touch while still allowing you to remain within your financial “comfort zone”. Above all, never be afraid to speak with a jeweler to search for high-quality diamonds online.

other options

Hand and finger sizes play an important role when determining the type of diamond that is the most suitable. Feel free to bookmark this page and to follow the suggestions mentioned above. You will then be able to find the perfect stone in no time at all.

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