Destination Wedding Santorini

Destination wedding Santorini

Greece is the land of mythology, Mount Olympus and the Gods.
Oana and Andrei start their marriage by appearing as such in these beautifully orchestrated wedding pictures.  We designed a high art, magazine-worthy album for Oana and Andrei’s Santorini, Greece, nuptials.  Through our collaboration with this ecstatic couple, we depicted what the Gods and Goddesses may have looked like way back when.  The results are exquisite.

Our wedding photography sessions started at Ikastikies then we moved to the Hotel Galini and Belvedere Suites in the Grecian village of Firostefani.  The Hotel Galini overlooks the stunning caldera left behind by a past volcanic eruption.  Oana and Andrei’s twosome, destination wedding affords us the luxury to use our surroundings to the newlyweds’ fullest advantage.  We have time and solitude to concentrate upon distance shots, versatile angles and sunset lighting.  We maximize the natural backdrop of the pristine Aegean Sea, limitless horizon and miles of immaculate sands.  Santorini’s powerful sun and unobstructed sky capture every bit of detail in this heavenly world: from the durable toughness in a black stone stairway, to the exotic sea’s expanse, to the finely minute grains of the village’s masonry.
Another stops in our photography trip were at Monolithos beach then Acrotiri.

Destination Wedding Greece Wedding Wedding Photo Santorini Sunset in Santorini

In this photo shoot, architectural shape and landscape form prove just as essential to the final images as nature’s most vibrant colors.  Notice how Karen’s robust, cathedral-worthy wedding skirt appears to animate the curvaceous hills and sloped cliffs around her.  The gown casts ethereal shadows around the bride as she reclines on a rustic bench, careens through hidden crevices and looks down from pure white stairs with a semblance of heaven above her.  Andrei dressed down, to leave Oana as the true star of the show.

This wedding album displays elegant photojournalism with a fashionable narrative.  It was an opulent, peaceful event for Oana and Andrei.  They could not have chosen a more divine location to document their new lives together.  We wish them the sun, moon and stars in their journey beyond Santorini.

Let’s not forget the person who did a great work on make-up and hair: Sophia Blanou and also our great host at Ikastikies.

As you may be well-aware, a destination wedding could be a wonderful way to kick off your marriage. What better way to start your marriage than with a brand-new adventure, intriguing culture, delectable cuisine, and wedding photos that will document your entire experience.

There is also the added bonus of having a smaller wedding with fewer guests to entertain. It can even be cheaper! Some couples even view a destination wedding as a two-in-one benefit. You will get an exclusive wedding day as well as a destination honeymoon. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Santorini, Greece is a stunning option for your wedding, as it offers lovely architecture, a beautiful ocean view, and a unique adventure in Greece. Are you ready to discover a new adventure for your own nuptials? If so, be sure to continue reading to learn more about the possibilities of a destination wedding in Santorini.

Santorini Wedding Between Santorini fancy couple in Santorini Santorini Wedding Bride and Groom in Santorini

  • Stunning Photos.What makes wedding photos unique? Poses, attire, wedding décor; they all come together to create exclusive wedding photos. However, a foreign setting could be just what you need to have stunning photos. The scenery, details, and more will capture your unforgettable wedding moments and your experience of lifetime!
  • Make It Easier on Yourself.Wedding planning can take a lot out of you! There are so many details that require a portion of your budget, as well as your time, in order to create a fabulous wedding. Planning a destination wedding can actually be easier, as resorts and hotels can offer incredible deals and all-inclusive amenities.
  • Being Surrounded by Your VIPs. Do you have a circle of your absolute closest friends and loved ones? Imagine hosting a wedding with only these very important loved ones in a brand-new setting. You don’t have to host an extravagant wedding with acquaintances and guests that were invited out of obligation. You only have to share this moment with the people that matter most in your life, which will make your destination wedding in Santorini a truly intimate and cherished experience.
  • Vacation Time.Your entire wedding will feel like an extravagant vacation, especially when you are accompanied by your closest loved ones. It may even be a cheaper option for you and your guests with the all-inclusive amenities that some hotels and resorts offer. So, you won’t only get to enjoy your wedding day, but a honeymoon and vacation all at once.
  • Stress-Free. Big weddings can be stressful on the happy couple. Usually, destination weddings have a more relaxed feel to them. Everyone is in awe of their new surroundings and tend to be more relaxed. Wouldn’t this be the perfect tone for starting your marriage? Instead of planning the standard entertainment for your wedding, you can, instead, create an entertaining experience for you and all of your guests as you explore Santorini. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Santorini Beach Santorini Wedding Santorini Wedding Santorini Wedding

Your wedding photos will be one of a kind when you have the right setting. They will also showcase your wonderful destination wedding with your partner in an artistic style. If you want to create a destination wedding, Santorini, Greece is waiting for you to explore all that it has offer.

by:Claudia and Doru Halip

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