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                          Signature Room Wedding Photos

Chicago Destination Wedding with Caroline and Lee

With Chicago being the prized destination for Caroline and Lee, the windy city of course carried us to multiple locations for a whirlwind of fun. The two are originally from Birmingham UK, but cupids arrows travel with Chicago’s gust and landed on the hearts of these two love birds. The most important reason they enjoy Chicago is because they are big fans of the Chicago Bears. They travel every year to see a game and as this was the tradition they thought to take it to the next level by getting married before a big game in the windy city.

The wedding started at the Essex Inn on Michigan Ave with Caroline and Lee dressing for the occasion. Both of them have the most business savvy, confident, and prideful personas to them that this reflected a royal marriage. The difference is as city lovers they weren’t afraid to show a lot of emotion and let loose a little in the photography. A photographers dream is to capture the perfect shot, and once again, because weddings are the most amazing events known to man and love is the greatest gift of life, the photographer was able to capture this perfect shot—multiple times. The next location was the Grant Ball Park, where the officiant mr. Thomas did a very good job on getting the two of them married and brought emotions on the families that were there.

The area was scenic, and without trying at that, the Chicago skyline in the background of the Bride and Groom was marvelous while they exchanged vows and rings. The seasonal autumn light was with us the entire night carrying out through light and dramatic clouds that added to the photo session at Adler planetarium. But the most memorable shot yet may have been at Soldier Field. The field where the Chicago Bears play, that these two hold dear to their hearts. Another place that represents Chicago is the Giant Bean where we stopped at dawn.

Then we moved fast to Hancock Tower to get some sunset or some photos in dawn from the Signature Room.
Previous wedding photos at Signature Room were last year with Erica and Greg.

At the Hancock Tower the most exciting thing happened. Genuine appreciation and support from strangers, applauding Caroline and Lee as we walked the streets before entering the Hancock Tower. This showed that not only did they love the city but the city was there to return their love. Family friends, the city, the stadium, and everything collided for this matrimony like the happiest fantasy—but real.

Let’s not forget the make up artist Andrea Formella Ryl-kuchar . She did such a great job with the bride and her mother’s make up.

Here is another wonderful experience at Signature Room at 95th floor.
Photography by Doru Halip

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