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Often, we meet couples and people for whom the camera seems as if it was created for; they are naturally photogenic subjects who take to their surroundings quite well.  Joshua and Esther were such a couple.  The city of St. Louis will have them for their May wedding.  But, The H Wedding Photography had them first in the city of Chicago—for an engagement photography session at some of the city’s most treasured landmarks: Millennium Park, Union Station and the Adler Planetarium.  Though we created their engagement photos in Joshua’s Chicago hometown, Esther hails from Hawaii.  They are quite an attractive match.

Some of our most mesmerizing shots of the couple appear to have been taken in Ancient Roman times—but we were simply at Chicago’s Union Station, posed between its stunning columns as a background.  In other poses at this location, there is an ethereal glow we accomplished by using a variety of lighting, angle and flash techniques.  It was highly befitting that some far distance shots at Union Station and the Adler Planetarium lent themselves to creating very heavenly portraits.  Joshua will serve as a pastor in the near future, but ministry is not his only talent! Joshua also plays a mean guitar, and we definitely wanted to spotlight how he may have used it to tug on Esther’s heartstrings.

Union Station Chicago
Millenium Park Chicago
Chicago Engagement

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Adler Planetrium

We composed images that added these two to the absolutely stunning architecture Chicago offers.  Pops of the colour from their nice wardrobe choices highlighted them against our monochromatic setting choices, and we used the beautiful blue chromatic blue sky to add colour to the more muted frames.  This was a very creative engagement photo shoot, for which Joshua and Esther were up for the challenge of.  From vintage black and white to sepia to chromatic nostalgia prints, we truly captured a narrative of love in the winter city and we cannot wait for their wedding in spring.

Joshua and Esther

Art Institute Chicago
Joshua and Esther expressed that they truly appreciated our creativity with their engagement photography.  These were no cookie cutter shots, along a simple black and white shot of both walking hand-in-hand reveals their (and our) traditional sides.  Here at The H Wedding Photography, we are just as invested in documenting the narrative of your romance as we are in taking pictures.  We truly enjoying meeting Joshua and Esther, and creating an engagement photo album to commemorate the official start of their life journey together.

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