Wedding at the Intercontinental O’Hare Chicago

Wedding Photography at Intercontinental O'hare Chicago


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Wedding in Rosemont at Intercontinental O’hare

For Stephanie and Ray, their glistening wedding rings more than symbolized the sparkle in this couple’s eyes as we captured them getting ready for their wedding ceremony.  They took their first photos as man and wife with a downtown Chicago backdrop and showed off the stunning makeup completed by a professional makeup artist on a beaming bride.  The party, and photo session lasted all day and night long.  As wedding photographers, we provided a mix of candid (with flashes of the couple being themselves while getting ready) with more staged shots later on so their excitement could burst through.

Intercontinental O’hare Chicago

This wedding photography album concentrated upon the quintessential stages of a wedding day: the safekeeping of wedding rings, the bride’s makeup application, the bridesmaids’ assistance with the bride’s hair, the groom’s last-minute preparations, the ring bearers’ nervous practice.  Though she looks composed while getting ready, Stephanie’s walk down the aisle is just minutes away. And, once those traditional moments were on film after the ceremony, we moved on to daring images that showcased the dazzling skyline of the city Stephanie and Ray call home.  With fun photos in the luminous reflection of a shop window and playful poses in front of none other than the famed Chicago theatre, Stephanie and Ray’s wedding photography displays urban artistry with fairy-tale romance.

This couple’s intimate bridal party stood out against a tower of trees we positioned them in between on a path in Chicago’s famed Millennium Park.  And thankfully, the notorious traffic Chicago is known for stood still as we captured the entire wedding party in a black-and-white portrait that has a classic, vintage aura.  In turn, were it not for the bride’s traditional dress and the groom’s modest suit, the giant fantasy mirror balls of Chicago downtown would flash viewers far into the future.  As Stephanie and Ray look to their future, they will look back to these images in memory to where it all started and what fun it was.  We wish deep congratulations to this bright couple, a joy to meet and photograph.

Many thanks to Ellana Darrus for a good job with the makeup and hair and to the Intercontinental O’Hare in Rosemont for hosting this great event.

By: Doru Halip

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