Outdoor Wedding Ceremony White Pine Golf Course

         Ola and Tobi beautiful wedding on a rainy day at White Pine Golf Course

                                Wedding Reception at Avalon Banquets – Elk Grove IL

We met Ola and Tobi some time last year and we have done the engagement photo session in downtown Chicago. It was around Halloween so we had some really fun engagement photos.

Time flew by with an amazing speed and here we are on the wedding day. It was  a long interesting day. It was sunny, rainy and lots of emotions!

Wedding coordinator from One Look Events did a great job as it was very challenging to decide weather the ceremony will be indoor or outdoor.

Enjoy our Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at White Pine Golf Course photos!

Other vendors:

videography: Danny Digital Studios

make up: Crystal-Eyez

DJ: Diesel Adekune

Photographers: Doru and Claudia Halip

Assistant Photography: Marian Nestor

Wedding ceremony venue: White Pine Golf Course in Bensenville IL

Reception venue: Avalon Banquets – Elk Grove IL

Beautiful Wedding Rings with Ola and Tobi’s wedding invitation in background.
The hair and make up artist was hard at work getting all the girls ready.
The couple got ready at the Hotel Sheraton Suites in Elk Grove Village.
Groom getting ready at the hotel
Toni getting help to get ready.
Girls were getting ready meanwhile in the other room, I was able to spend some quality time with the groom and his friends.
We took some shots of the groom posing just by himself in the hallways before we were able to reunite with Ola and the girls at the White Pine Golf Course- Bensenville, IL.
The groom was dressed in a white jacket and shirt with a black bow tie and the groomsmen wore traditional tuxedos with pink bow ties on.
The bride and bridesmaids were already in their robes ready for some fun pictures.They all had a bridal bag with their names on it.
The fun series of bridesmaids photos continue with more props.
Ola having fun with the bridesmaids at the Sheraton Suites in Elk Grove Village.
Ola gave us the chance to snap a few portraits.
One last portrait before leaving for the first look.
Due to Chicago weather, it was a bit tricky to pull off the first look because it was raining and it didn’t stop until late.
We decided to carry on despite the weather interruptions, which created some interesting first look wedding photos in the rain.
Toni seeing Ola for the first time as a bride.


Ola was so expressive at first look.
Ola walked down the isle with her brother while Tobi was waiting near the pastor looking at his lovely bride.

O&T_Hphoto0553 O&T_Hphoto0628 O&T_Hphoto0635 O&T_Hphoto0644

They exchanged their vows as well as the rings and Ola got a bit emotional during the ceremony.
The guests who attended were very colorful in their fashion style and dress.
The minister then lays hands on the new couple and say: For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and the two shall be one flesh, so they are no longer two but one flesh. ( Matthew 19:5-6)
You may kiss your bride the minister said!!
It was really quite fun photographing all of the guests who attended the couple’s wedding. They were ladies with bright blue dresses, purple, and yellow.
Mothers of the bride and groom,
wedding-photo-session-White-Pine-Golf-Course-Bensenville, IL
This is where we had a fun photo session with the couple and the bridal party while the banquet room was getting ready.
Groomsmen walking around the Golf Course
Toni playing as a star being photographed at his wedding by paparazzi…
It was keep raining at the photo session so we decided to get some unique rain wedding shots.
Some photo will look better in black and white for a more dramatic feeling.
Wedding Photo under the umbrella was a good idea.
Raining for all the photo session. Great bridal party enduring the whole time this challenging weather.
Beautiful Afro-American wedding!!
The customized golf cart was a great addition to our rainy wedding photo session at White Pine Golf Course.
Taking a farewell tour at White Pines Golf Course on the golf cart.
Last shot at White Pine Golf Course.
After the ceremony, the bridal party got into a white limo and we headed off to the Avalon Banquets – Elk Grove IL
Our favorite portrait of the bride!!
Avalon Banquets in Elk Grove offers a beautiful background for some indoor portraits when is rainy outside.
Ola and Tobi taking some more photos during cocktail hour.
The reception started around 6pm and the Afro-American wedding in the Chicago area was certainty very unique.
Many guests arrived in traditional Nigerian outfits and when it was time to dance, the guests showed us their very traditional dances and dance moves.
Best man traditional wedding dance!!
After the dancing, the couple presented a short slide show talking about Ola and Tobi’s story as well as couple’s first dance and cake cutting.
First dance of the newly wed couple.
The wedding cake waiting to be cut after the first dance.
Mother son dance!
Mother – daughter dance.


There were speeches that were done by both the mothers of the couple and then there was a slow mother-son and mother-daughter dance.
There was dance after dance. One nicer than other.
Ola and Tobi’s speech!
Tossing of the bouquet and garter removal was a lot of fun and laughter. The couple even bought a surprise birthday cake to mom, so everyone had extra cake all around.
The party ended with lots and lots of dancing!


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  1. White Pine Golf Course looks like such a gorgeous venue for a wedding! The first look photo you captured is breathtaking! So much emotion in that one. Rain is supposed to be good luck on your wedding day, so looks like this couple is in for a lifetime of happiness! Great job, these photos are amazing

    1. Thank you Kathy!! White Pines Golf Course it is a great venue and I also said that rain is good luck or prosperity !!

  2. What a beautiful outdoor wedding at White Pines Golf Course! I love that the rain didn’t stop the couple from having their dream of tying the knot outdoors. Rain truly is a good omen on your big day. Gorgeous job at photographing this couples wedding!

  3. Chicago has some incredible wedding venues, and the White Pines Golf Course was no different! The rain made for some beautiful photos! And that ring shot in front of the beautiful invitation is awesome! The H Photo has done a spectacular job once again!

  4. Omg! This is absolutely beautiful, We couldn’t have asked for anything better. You and Claudia have done a tremendous job again. I have very much happy and satisfied that we chose you to cover both our engagement shoot and wedding. You were so good, kind and patience with all of our guests. Thank you so much and we truly appreciate all of your effort and words of encouragement. You rock!

    1. Ola and Tobi! Thank you so much for the opportunity to make the visual story of your wedding day!! It was great being around you!!

  5. Chicago looks beautiful for an outdoor venue wedding. Even if it did rain you did an amazing job capturing their wedding day love story. The Sheraton Suites in Elk Grove Village looks perfect.

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