Engagement Photo Session Barrington


       Delia and Edy – Engagement Photo Session  in Barrington


A few weeks ago Delia and Edy got engaged and things have never been the same again for them. Delia and Edy’s engagement was unique, in the sense that they wanted to have different feels to their engagement story. Each of them described what they wanted, and what they had hoped for their engagement to be, and together we settled on Algonquin and Barrington.

The whole story to the Barrington set was to encapsulate the atmosphere of a farm setting, complete with horses and a good capture of the forests across the farms. We spent so much time in the photo session but eventually it paid off. We looked for some really nice settings in Barrington from where we could get the best shots, and at the same time we had to make sure that the couple was comfortable with the settings. It was quite an adventure, especially with regard to handling the horses during the photo session. The fact that the couple had so much fun while we were hard at work, to us was nothing short of amazing.

Everything was going according to plan for us, especially since the weather was incredibly comforting, with beautiful backgrounds, and some good natural light to accompany the photo session. We had a number of great shots together with the couple, and they even used one of the photos for their save the date card, to act as a reminder of the awesomeness that had become their lives.  This young couple really had a thing for fun, and the shooting experience was indeed so fun filled.

With their wedding set to take place in February during the winter, this was one of the most exciting days of their lives. The photo session was an emotional one, with mixed reactions of joy and a fantasy story coming true. For Delia, she had always envisaged this day, but had never imagined it would indeed come as soon as it did, so it was an overwhelming experience for her. Edy on the other hand went about it so calmly, but he was charmingly cool. Interestingly enough, he was pretty nervous at the beginning, but as we went about the photo session, the two love birds seemed to easily get into position and the whole session became a success.

Can’t wait to photograph the wedding of this wonderful couple in February at Fountain Blue in Des Plaines.

Photography by: Doru Halip


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