Algonquin Engagement Photos

engagement photo taken in Algonquin Park

Engagement photos in Algonquin IL

Delia and Edy are Americans originally from Romania. They both share Romanian features with American/Romanian flare in their trendy choices for style.
Both young, handsome, beautiful, and excited. The belief of destiny twinkles in their eyes, resides in their smiles, and is embedded in their souls as they are religious, and faithful to God. Whatever has drawn them together, surfaced under the photographers lenses as they united snug, and romantically for the photo sessions that took place.
The shoot was very natural; we let the stars shine as the main focuses. It is their special moment we are celebrating so it is only right to keep the attention on them. However, backgrounds are meant to heighten something, in this case the backgrounds did their job to aid the vision of these two in their humblest atmospheres  enjoying each other’s company. With young love, you realize that the two involved have much to learn, therefore much to explore. This was something worth watching as well, as they portrayed a couple exploring each other, and the world together.

Where is love found? … Well love is found everywhere, with whom we love wherever we are. This is why engagement photos should be taken in multiple locations.
If not the memorable scenes where true love harvested, then in many different elements that may show the stages of emotion, growth, togetherness that follows loves trail. Delia and Edy are a young couple, so love has had its chance to bloom and nourish as the two spend time together, these colorful images reveal their inner joy.
We did the engagement session in two locations.

  • The Algonquin was one, because the water, the background, and the architecture were majestic.
  • We also spent time in Barrington for the natural land backgrounds, as well as the farmland backgrounds.

The timing was of preference as the couple wanted to encompass the autumn landscapes and colors in their background. Their wedding will take place in the lover’s month of February, not only will they have means to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but their anniversary as well. In the upcoming years February is a preferable month, but during the engagement they are overjoyed to have their photos taken in the beautiful autumn season. The photo session went perfect, in a sense that we captured many emotions, in many scenes, of a love that will last many lifetimes through photos, determination and gods will.
Copy: Kyial Robinson
Photography by: Doru Halip

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