Fountain Blue Wedding Photos in Des Plaines

Tedi and Rene Wedding with Bulgarian Traditions at Fountain Blue in Des Plaines IL

Hello, everyone!

We are honored to announce Tedi & Rene’s wedding). These two have known each other for two and half years. 


Here’s how they met: Tedi was living in LA and visiting family in Chicago so they met at Chicago West Fest in 2019. Rene was there with his friend and Tedi was there with one of her friends. They ended up hanging out all weekend and then Tedi went back to LA. They started dating a few months later and then Rene moved to Los Angeles when Covid started. 

As for the proposal, Rene proposed on Tedi’s  birthday on a gondola ride in Long Beach, CA. It was a total surprise since she already knew they were doing something special for her birthday but then it was extra special with a proposal.

The wedding was gorgeous and had inserted Bulgarian wedding traditions. The photo session took place at Lincoln Park Zoo.

Tedi getting ready
Getting ready
groom tradition
bride's home

Lincoln Park
Bridal pary

Lincoln Park view

The wedding was at St. John of Rila- Bulgarian Church in Chicago followed by the reception at Fountain Blue Banquets in Des Plaines.

St. John of Rila
Rene and Tedi

Tedi said: ” We also had the Bulgarian breaking the break tradition, where Rene and I broke a Pitka (Bulgarian Bread) and usually whoever gets the bigger piece will be the boss in the house. Our pieces were compoletly even so it turns out that we will both have a 50/50 say in the house!

And lastly, we started the reception with a bulgarian dance – the horo. Everyone – Americans, Bulgarians, Mexicans, Canadians, and people from so many other countries got up and joined hand in hand in this bulgarian dance. It was pretty amazing to see. ” 

Fountain Blue
Grand Entrance
breaking bread



cake cutting

happy couple

Tedi said that they were most excited about having all of their family and friends together. They have a lot of family and friends that are coming from out of town and even out of country. They  don’t get to see them often so the best part was being able to see their loved ones and celebrate their wedding together.

Photography: Sergio N. 

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