Buddhist Wedding Ceremony Chicago

Snehal and Ronak – Buddhist Wedding Ceremony Chicago 

Heading to Sheridan Lakeside for the Snehal and Ronak wedding, I knew that it was going to be a special day with something different from what I usually do.

This gorgeous in-love couple met 10 years ago and planned an intimate buddhist wedding shared between themselves, parents and closest friends.

buddhist ceremony
buddhist wedding
buddhist bride

If it was in a Buddhist country the wedding ceremony is most likely  to take place in the home  or in specially built pavilion. However a monk may be invited after the marriage ceremony to offer a blessing on the marriage and it’s exactly what Snehal and Ronak did!  The couple choose to wear a traditional white wedding clothes. At buddhist ceremony guests are generally allowed to wear whatever attire the desire, but are asked to keep clothing modest and tasteful.

indian bride
buddha ceremony
the hand painting

husband and wife

 At this buddhist ceremony  the monk performed the blessings and recited sacred Buddhist passages. There was no prepared music or organist. After the marriage ceremony and family photos we had few minutes for some wedding portraits around Loyola’s Campus.

Loyola Campus
indian wedding
indian couple
Loyola Campus Chicago
Snehal and Ronak

wedding photographer

I’ll leave you with a few more of my favorite moments from the day, and with a big congrats to the newlyweds! 

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