Wedding Venue Inspiration: The Onion Pub & Brewery in Lake Barrington, Illinois

Every wedding venue is unique in its own way, just as your event should be at The Onion Pub!


Wedding Venue: The Onion Pub & Brewery

From the stunning architecture to the rolling greens of a golf course, each venue has its own accommodations and appeal that it offers. When choosing your venue, it is important to take into consider the appearance that you would like your event to represent.

When it comes to booking the venue that would best complement your event, there are many things to consider when you find potential venues. If you are hosting your own event, you may be on the hunt for an incredible venue.

There are many beautiful venues within Illinois. However, we would like to bring your attention to a truly wonderful venue, The Onion Pub & Brewery in Lake Barrington, Illinois . If you haven’t found your wedding venue yet, this may be just what you’re looking for.


  • A balcony view.

    Who doesn’t love a stunning view? The Onion Pub & Brewery offers a gorgeous balcony that sits above a sparkling body of water. Featuring tall building pews and clear fencing, you and your guests will certainly enjoy relaxing on the balcony as you take in the gorgeous setting around you.


  • Elegant structure.

    When you first imagine The Onion Pub & Brewery, you may imagine a cozy little pub, lined with a gorgeous array of taps and shelves of appealing bottles of liquid courage. While this does sound lovely, it’s just not the case with this venue. Constructed with a vaulted, cathedral ceiling, hand carved woodwork, and hand carved chandeliers, this pub offers a serene and breathtaking setting, perfect for your event.


  • Outdoor charm.

    This venue is certainly awe inspiring indoors, but The Onion Pub & Brewery also offers a charming outdoor display. Vines, artistically crawling their way up the side of the building, fairy tale shutter windows, lush greenery, a custom mural, and a gorgeous entrance, this little pub certainly doesn’t disappoint. Not only will your event be great fun, but your guests will also enjoy the many views that this pub offers outdoors.

There may be many beautiful venues for your event, but The Onion Pub & Brewery certainly has a lot to offer your big day. Creating a one of a kind, serene and magical setting, your event is sure to be memorable and will allow you and your guests to create joyous memories. Your event is sure to be a hit!

Check these wedding photos at Onion Pub Brewery.

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  1. This venue looks like so much fun!!

  2. This is a great venue, love the patio overlooking the lake!

  3. What a gorgeous spot! Those windows inside are drool worthy!

  4. wow, what a beautiful location…love the outdoor space!

  5. Great breakdown and review of this venue!

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