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Abe and Dorothy’s photography was quite the obstacle. Marriage, takes more than you and your significant others ambition. It takes family support. It takes outside love, perspectives, and experienced opinions, passed down wisdom, encouragement, and acknowledgement that we all need these things to be fully rounded. Family and friends must always be considered, simply because they are the people who always around, and become your second marriage. The maturity marriage will stow upon you transforms you into the “married couple” that speak a “married language” and act “married” people embrace your new traits and look forward to being involved every step of the way. With marriage comes responsibility, popularity, and others will hold your hand with concern, these two have the wonders of the world in the palm of their hands—true friends and family.

The young couple’s special appointees for maid of honor and best man were Aby’s best friend Marc Miskin and Dorothy’s younger sister Marina Morton. Guests came all the way from Arizona, as well as the great Michigan to be entertained by the exciting skills of Mixology Wizards at the mobile bar. The ceremony was marvellous the couple danced under the moon, looked lost under each other’s spells, and dazzled their families with a royal presence. Aby who was in the navy wore his white navy uniform, Dorothy wore a flowing dress that fit from the top and widened its way down to rest at her feet. The design of her dress called for gazing appreciation, she was beautiful. The wedding took place outside at a relative’s house in their large scale yard that was exquisitely decorated in cater to the event. Even the right weather showed up for this special day, it was not to warm and not to humid.

Everything was just great for their wonderful outdoor wedding!

To be continue with the photo session!

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Copy: Kyial Robinson

Photography: Doru Halip 

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