3 Reasons to Book a Photo Booth for Your Wedding Reception

A photo booth is so festive!


That’s why we love when our couples book ours for their weddings! After all, how could you not enjoy viewing celebratory photos that highlight fun props, goofy faces, smiles, and laughter?

Not only do our couples and their guests receive one of a kind photos, but there are actually many benefits to having a photo booth at your wedding, and we would love to share them with you!

Fun for weddings

So, if you are considering booking a photo booth for your own big day, here are some reasons as to why we think that you should:

open style

  • A Festive Wedding Favor

    Your guests will travel from near and far to celebrate your big day with you. So, you should certainly return the favor to them! By booking a photo booth for your wedding, you can present your guests with a reel of photos to take home with them, posing as the perfect wedding favor! We absolutely love this idea, as the photos can then be displayed in your guest’s homes, such as among their refrigerators or even framed, as a fun reminder of your big day!

stripes or prints

  • A Unique Guest Book Alternative

    Traditionally, guest books are presented at weddings so that couples can remember everyone who attended their big day. However, instead of having a book of signatures, you can have a book of photos! Have your guests step in front and capture festive images, providing you with the opportunity to comprise a lovely album of photos, rather than signatures! Isn’t this a great idea? We certainly think so! After all, viewing an album of images is much more memorable than an album of signatures!

table props

  • Fun for All Ages

    With guests of all ages attending your big day, from your littlest flower girl to your eldest grandparent, it can be difficult to find entertainment for them all. No matter your age, you can enjoy grabbing a festive prop and have fun! We love seeing all of the celebratory images that everyone captures within our photo booths, and we know that you will too!

A open photo booth is a wonderful way to add a dash of fun to your big day! These are just a few of the many reasons as to why you should consider booking one for your own celebration. We adore how much fun a photo booth adds to a celebration, and we know that you and your guests will certainly enjoy this festive form of entertainment as well! So, if you are all set to book a photo booth for your own event, be sure to take a look at our Photo Booth services today!

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