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Last week, we showcased our 2018 best engagement photos. Now, it’s time to take a look at our 2018 best wedding photos!

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We are so excited when a year comes to an end, as we get to go back and view all of the creative wedding photos that we have captured of our wonderful couples! This provides us with the opportunity to relive all of the love, festive events, and beautiful details of all of the celebratory big days that we were so honored to be a part of.

wedding in fall

In addition, by reviewing the photos, we are able to learn and improve our photography skills, which allows us to become more creative.

getting ready

One of our favorite aspects about photography is that each image has a story! Every photo captured has meaning.

wedding story

city wedding

wedding in black and white

We first start off capturing photos of the couple getting ready for their big day. We adore photographing the bride getting ready, as so many emotions are presented!

wedding candid

The happiness the bride showcases as her bridesmaids are helping her get ready. The excited nerves as she prepares to marry her soulmate. A sneak peek of the bride in the mirror as she touches up her lipstick before she makes her way down the aisle, the father of the bride catching a glimpse of his little girl preparing to begin her own journey in life; these are all moments that we truly cherish!

Indian wedding

Then, it’s time to head off to the wedding ceremony! An Indian wedding we photographed was so intriguing, as, before the ceremony, the groom made a celebratory entrance among a horse. It certainly was one of the most celebratory moments that we were so excited to capture…we wish you could’ve been there!

wedding mud

We also had some fun with angles! We were able to get up high and look down on the bride as she made her way to her wedding ceremony. The bridesmaids holding up her gown, her father holding her hand as they prepare to walk down the aisle…how exciting!

Navy wedding

And, let’s not forget about the festive Navy salute that took place after the wedding ceremony. Swords were drawn as we captured the happy newlyweds enjoying a kiss!

wedding at church

In addition to festive photos, we also captured heartfelt ones too! Such as the groom being embraced by his mother during his wedding ceremony. You can see just how excited and happy she is that her son is getting married!

wedding in fortress

wedding in winter

After the couple ties the knot, we then get to capture their newlywed love. This is where the fun begins!

wedding at venuti

From romantic kisses in the snow in front of Venuti’s in Adisson, Illinois, to the happy newlyweds standing among Chicago’s skyline at The Signature Room at the 95th in Chicago, Illinois, we were so thrilled to photograph weddings at an array of beautiful locations!

hotel wedding


All of the locations we visited allowed us to get creative! From photographing the newlyweds making their way up in the elevator to the groom embracing the amazing graffiti among the wall at the Haight in Elgin, Illinois.



We also love when the bridal party gets in on the action, allowing us to capture some fun and creative photos, such as the groomsmen picking up the bride on the waterfront! In addition, we can’t forget to capture the groom having a celebratory cigar!

sparklers at wedding

Once the wedding day comes to end, it’s time for the couple to make their grand exit. And, there is certainly no better way to do so than by having guests illuminate the way with sparklers! The couple and the guests had so much fun!


To us, being wedding photographers is a true honor! We get to be a part of such wonderful milestones in life, and preserve such precious memories for couples. After all, a once in a lifetime event deserves to be captured in a one of a kind way, which is exactly what we strive to do.

wedding in Chicago

We believe that every couple deserves to be presented with images that are personal to them and their big day, and we hope that you too can be inspired by some of our best wedding photos of 2018.

wedding at Signature Room

wedding Sofitel Chicago

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