3 Cherished Photos to Capture on Your Wedding Day

The anticipation of your wedding day is building.

wedding day

Imagining yourself walking down the aisle, joining hands with your fiancé, and promising to love each other unconditionally, is enough to make your heart beat faster. There is no doubt that your big day will fulfill all of your expectations.

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There is much more to your wedding day than just reciting your vows and taking part in your first dance. After all, you have certainly planned many details to create an unforgettable experience! With all of the wedding planning that you have worked so hard on, you will certainly want to ensure that each detail is preserved through photography.

Your wedding photos will be one of the most important keepsakes of your special day. Each photo deserves to showcase the true emotion that you will express. That’s why we have put together three heartfelt photos that you will want to capture on your own wedding day. Continue reading to discover what photos will complete your wedding album:

wedding day

  • Time with Your Parents. Before you were born, your parents loved you. They have raised you and supported you throughout all of your experiences. On your wedding day, they will stand by your side, once again, as you tie the knot. Be sure to take some time on your big day to spend with your family. Moments, such as having your mother help you into your dress, pining on your boutonniere, or even a first-look with your father, will create cherished memories, as well as stunning photos.

wedding day

  • Honor the Past. Your past has played a huge role in helping you become the person you are today. You can recreate these special photos on your big day. Take your favorite family wedding photos, such as your parents or grandparent’s photos, and speak with your photographer about recreating these special images. In addition, recreating your proposal will showcase heartfelt images as well.

wedding day

  • Your Furry Friend. Your beloved pet is such a big part of your life! Incorporating your pet into your big day is a wonderful way to show how much they mean to you. From “Pup of Honor” to “flower pup”, your pet can play a very important role in your big day. But, they will certainly do more than make an impression during your ceremony. Their happy face will be a joyful addition to your wedding album.

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Photography will be your way of remembering every special detail of your wedding day. These three photos will ensure that you are able to relive the feelings that you experienced on such a special occasion.

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