Pre-wedding photography session Chicago

Jesika and Part Pre Wedding Photos around Chicago 

Pre-wedding photography sessions are becoming increasingly popular among couples who want to capture the excitement and anticipation of their upcoming wedding. It is a chance for couples to create stunning images of themselves in their wedding attire, and to get comfortable with their photographer before the big day. In this article, we will explore a pre-wedding photography session in Chicago with Jesika and Part, captured by  one of H Photography pre-wedding photographer.

A happy couple standing in front of "The Bean," a mirrored sculpture in Millennium Park in Chicago, on a cloudy day.
A close-up portrait of Jesika and Part in front of "The Bean" sculpture in Millennium Park, Chicago. Jesika looks stunning in her green gown, while Part is dressed sharply in a pink light shirt. The couple stands close together, looking lovingly into each other's eyes, with the city skyline visible in the reflection on the sculpture's mirrored surface. The photographer captures their love and affection in this beautiful pre-wedding portrait.
A romantic pre-wedding photo of Jesika and Part looking out towards the city of Chicago, with the iconic L train passing by in the background. Jesika wears a beautiful greengown, while Part is dressed in a dapper pink shirt, both looking stylish and in love. They stand close together, holding hands and gazing out towards the bustling city, with the Chicago River and skyscrapers visible in the distance. The passing train adds an element of movement and excitement to this captivating urban portrait.

Part and Jesika admiring tulips in Millennium Park


Jesika and Part are a Hindu couple who decided to have a pre-wedding photography session in Chicago. This tradition is common in Hindu culture, and it allows couples to capture beautiful images of themselves before their wedding day. Jesika and Part chose the perfect location for their shoot – the city of Chicago. Known for its stunning architecture, beautiful parks, and stunning views, Chicago is an ideal place for pre-wedding photography.

The photo session started on a beautiful day at the Bean in Millennium Park. This iconic Chicago landmark is a perfect location for taking pictures with its unique reflective surface and impressive architecture. Jesika and Part looked stunning in their first outfit, and the photographer captured some beautiful moments of them laughing and enjoying each other’s company.


As the day progressed, the weather took a turn for the worse, and it started raining. However, this did not deter the couple or the photographer, as they continued the shoot at the Chicago Cultural Center. The indoor architecture and art exhibits provided a stunning backdrop for some memorable shots of the couple.


The photo session then moved on to the Lyric Opera Columns and the Chicago River Walk, where Jesika and Part braved the rain and posed for some gorgeous pictures. The rain intensified, but the couple and the photographer made good use of umbrellas, and the result was some truly stunning and unique shots.



The last stop of the day was by Wrigley Towers and then by the Michigan Avenue Bridge. The views of the river were spectacular, and Jesika and Part took advantage of the stunning scenery to create some magical moments. As the rain cleared up, the couple danced and twirled around, capturing the joy and excitement of their upcoming wedding day.

Our Chicago pre-wedding photographer did an excellent job capturing the beauty and excitement of Jesika and Part’s pre-wedding photo session. The couple looked stunning in their outfits, and the photographer expertly captured their personalities and love for each other. The pictures are not only beautiful but also reflect the couple’s joy and excitement for their upcoming wedding.

In conclusion, a pre-wedding photography session is a beautiful way to capture the love and excitement of a couple before their wedding day. The Chicago pre-wedding photographer expertly captured the beauty of Jesika and Part’s photo session, showcasing the stunning architecture, beautiful views, and the couple’s love for each other. If you are planning a pre-wedding photography session in Chicago, be sure to hire a talented and experienced photographer like this one to capture your special day.

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