Preparing for Wedding Photos

How to Prepare for Your Wedding Photo Session

 The photo session is one of the key parts of every wedding organization. These photos and videos will stay with you for good to remind you of that special day.

That’s why so many brides – and some grooms – pay so much attention to their wedding visuals.

If you’ve ever got married, you know that such a session takes a lot of preparation.

Those who are yet to make this step should read the next few paragraphs of this article. You’ll learn some useful tips for a great wedding photo session.

getting ready for wedding photos

 Adapt to the current season

Most couples get married either in spring or in early autumn.

These two parts of the year are peak seasons for the entire wedding industry.

We’re pointing this out because your wedding term will affect photographer’s rates.

Also, the choice of the season is important because of the session environment and your clothes.

Since every bridal couple is different, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Some couples like the green buds of May while others prefer the sepia colors of October.

And if you like winter, you might get married in that season and have snow in your photos.

What’s tricky about this decision is that you might need to buy a lot of new clothes for this session.

Last, but not least, getting married in summer means attending the wedding photo session in casual clothes.

So, the choice of the season for your wedding and the photo session will depend on your financial and fashion preferences.

choosing the outfits togeher

  Pick the outfits together

One of the prerequisites for a smashing photo session is that the bride and the groom pick their outfits together.

For starters, you can do your homework and look at Pinterest and Instagram to get some ideas.

What usually happens is that brides spend a lot of time working on the right combination for the wedding.

In our opinion, grooms should join them in this adventure. If both of you participate in that procedure, it will bring you even more together in the period before the wedding.

What’s more, every bride will appreciate every sort of help they get in the time before the wedding.

So, it’s her chosen one should search the Web with her and walk around shops to find perfect outfits for them.

Also, some couples come up with the desired combination together but each of them goes shopping alone.

Although this is effective when it comes to time management, it can yield unwanted results.

For instance, there might be a shortage of your chosen outfits in stores and one of you might buy something that wasn’t planned.

Because of that, it’s better to choose and buy clothes for the wedding photo session together.

Set the desired time of the day

Just like choosing the time of the year, it’s important to set the right time of the day for your session.

Being photographed in the morning can add freshness and vividness to your photos.

On the other hand, a dusk photo session will give your photos a dim touch of vintage times.

From the professional point of view, the middle of the day is not the best option, because the sun is at its zenith then. As a result, the light  falls pretty bad on the face and can even produce the racoon eye effect.

Having a wedding photo session in the morning or at dusk might reduce the number of issues and offer large variety of  angles for photos.

Another important thing to consider is your appearance and biological clock in different parts of the day.

For instance, some people are early birds and they adore doing things in the morning.

Others prefer getting more sleep in the morning and function better later in the day.

So, schedule your photo session for the time of the day that will show you in your best condition. 

choosing the right place for wedding photos

 Choose the right location

Some couples have their photo session at the same venue as their wedding reception.

Others decide to pose to their photographer in another place, on another day.

What’s important here is to choose the session location on time, in collaboration with your photographer.

This person has had more wedding sessions than you so he or she will be able to suggest some options for you.

Apart from that, the photographer needs to see the setting in advance to be able to plan the photoshoot.

Also, you should decide whether you want to have this session in an urban environment or natural scenery. 

Most couples today go with the flow and choose an attractive urban spot for their photoshoot.

But if you’re a nature lover, going to a tranquil place in the country might be the right option for you. Many places can accommodate both the reception and the photo session, such as the exclusive wedding venue in College Station.

No matter what you choose, always negotiate all the terms and conditions in advance. That way, you’ll avoid any potential misunderstandings regarding the price and the photoshoot.

   Take an active role in the session

During your wedding photo session, feel free to share your thoughts and preferences with the photographer.

What you can do is negotiate some of these concepts at a meeting with the photographer before the session.

It’s good for the bridal couple and the photo professional to get to know each other before the wedding day or session.

The bride and the groom will have a chance to describe what they expect from that photoshoot.

What’s more, they can discuss the setting or the wedding venue. Making a schedule of activities with your photographer on that occasion is a smart thing to do.

All this will lead to a more relaxing ambiance during the photo session. In turn, both you and the photographer will be able to take proper roles in the entire process.


 Today, the photo is the main unit of communication. That’s why every bridal couple tries to make their wedding photos as perfect as possible. When you post them on social media or you look at them in twenty years, you want everything to look spectacular.

That’s why it’s vital to plan the entire procedure in a detailed and organize way.

From the location and outfits to the time of the year and day, every little thing plays a big role in this process.

If you weave all these things together, you’ll be proud of your wedding photos every time you look at them.




AuthorBio: James Barnes is an experienced wedding organizer and blogger at He specialized in organizing outdoor wedding events.When he isn’t writing about weddings and marital life, David usually goes swimming or playing squash.


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