How to protect your mental health when planning a last-minute wedding

How to protect your mental health when planning a
last-minute wedding

For a lot of couples, big, formal weddings are out, and small, intimate weddings are in. This makes it a lot easier to get engaged and married within a small amount of time – rather than a long, drawn-out engagement that lasts years because you’re waiting for availability at your chosen wedding venue.

For those that really want to shorten the waiting period, a last-minute wedding is an option. Maybe you just can’t wait to be married, or maybe there was a cancellation at your dream venue – whatever the reason, it is possible to get married relatively quickly. But doing so can be stressful, as there’s a lot to get sorted. Let’s look at how you can protect your mental health whilst creating your perfect day.

Get the essentials in order

Last-minute weddings tend to be smaller, and the beauty of this is that there is (in theory) less to arrange. However, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you have to cram in everything you’d want on your wedding day if you had a longer timeline, leaving you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Start by getting the essentials in order – a venue, a registrar, and witnesses. Whilst it might not seem like food or outfits are an ‘extra’, the truth is that they don’t stop you from getting legally married. Get the core components of a wedding in place, so that you can rest assured that whatever happens, you’ll be getting married. Then you can start adding all the extras that make the day even more special.

Call in help

Organising a wedding takes a lot of time, effort and headspace, so don’t be afraid to reach out to people who can help you. Whether you ask your friends for caterer recommendations, ask your bridesmaids to send you a shortlist of their dress choices or even hire a wedding planner, having some help can really reduce stress and share the load.

Make sure you’re being reasonable with your requests, and are respecting people’s time – especially with a last-minute wedding, they may only be able to help with smaller tasks. If you’re ordering with friends’ businesses, make sure that you’re paying them correctly – don’t ask them for a rush job and not compensate them for their extra hours.
Take time for other activities
Whilst your wedding is certainly a major life event, it’s important not to let it take over your life. The pressure of getting everything organised in a short period of time can mean that you neglect hobbies that you enjoy, exercise and even sleeping properly – none of which will help you feel your best before or on the big day.

Make sure to spend some quality time solo and with your partner, so that you can enjoy the experience of getting married to the fullest. You may also want to consider taking some time off work just before the wedding, to allow you to focus fully on your day and sort and last-minute arrangements without also having to juggle work commitments.

A last-minute wedding can be fun and romantic, but it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t get too stressful. Reach out for help and prioritise your mental health, so that you can enjoy your special day.


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