How to Include Your Dog in Your Engagement Photos

Are you now celebrating your engagement? If so, congratulations!


As humans, it is said that a dog is our most loyal companion in life, aside from our partner. The kind and loyal nature of a dog can be inspiring, and even add to the overall happiness of our lives. There is a reason that dogs are now more than just pets. They are our protectors, our happy place, and can even be a medical alternative to treat depression and other emotional and physical disabilities. Dogs are here for us!

You likely have your own special pup in your life. Their furry muzzle and bright eyes provide an enjoyable beginning and happy close to each and every day. They offer you the support and love that you may not get everywhere else. Now that you are bringing a new person into your life, as well as your pup’s, you are likely looking for a way to provide unity. The best way to do so is by incorporating them into your engagement photos!

Could you even imagine announcing your big news without your furry friend present? Even though it may seem difficult at first, you don’t have to go without your canine friend on your special day. If you are ready to include your furry friend into your engagement photos, here are some great tips to assist you with doing so:


  • Start with Your Setting. Your pup is happy, curious, and probably very energetic. If you want your dog to stay calm enough to capture some beautiful photos, they can’t be distracted by their surroundings. Take time to think of a place where your pup will be comfortable, and in turn, more cooperative. A park offers lots of space, but also plenty of distractions. On the other hand, a field or familiar place will allow your pet to focus and be more engaged with you and your partner.


  • A Little Bribery Never Hurt. Not unlike children, dogs cooperate a little more when they are presented with something that they will truly enjoy. For example, a child can be distracted or entertained with their favorite snacks or toys. Your pet can also be entertained with their favorite treat. This is the perfect time to splurge on those special items that your pet absolutely adores.


  • Real Expectations. From the cute outfit to the length of your photoshoot, you should go into your session with realistic expectations. You can dress your pup in a cute outfit, but don’t expect it to stay on the whole time. Also, drawing out your photoshoot will cause your pet to become unsettled and uneasy. Keep your photoshoot open and unpressured, so that you can be realistic with your pup and their capability to handle such an event. And, above all else, be patient with your pup. Your dog loves you and is trying their best to behave in front of the camera.


  • Keep Your Photographer in the Loop. It goes without saying that your photographer needs to know the full details of your photo session. Don’t forget to let them know that you want to incorporate your pup into the engagement photoshoot. Let them know what breed of dog you have, their size, and any special requests or props that you would like included within your images. This way, they can personalize your photo session to reflect your interests.


  • Celebratory Props. You have the opportunity to add some personalization to your engagement photos with the use of props! You can present a “Save the Date” sign or even signs that showcase your new last name or loving messages. Your dog can showcase your sign, such as around their neck, for fun and festive photos.

These tips can be very helpful when capturing the engagement photos that you will truly be proud of! Your beaming partner on one side and your ecstatic pup on the other. Your life is wonderful, and your engagement photos will certainly shine with happiness. Are you ready to capture yours?

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