Randall Oaks Golf Engagement Photos

Marian and Jeff – Engagement in the Rain at Randall Oaks 

I recently photographed Marian and Jeff at Randall Oaks Golf Club.  Jeff and Marian met at work. They grew their friendship into a relationship.
The initial engagement session was postponed once and now we have chosen a nice day towards the sunset.

Only that we were up for a big surprise! The weather suddenly changed and we did almost the whole session under the rain. The theme for the engagement session was golfing! 

engaged couple
golf balls with wedding date
engagement ring
golf cart
under the umbrella
engagement session in rain
Randall Oaks Engagement
playing golf at engagement

I asked Marian: How did Jeff propose?

“At the same bar where we first started flirting. Jeff and I first went to this bar with a bunch of coworkers and we spent the whole night together talking and laughing. He brought me back there to where it all started.”

I also asked Maria if she has any tips or advice for other couples about to have engagement photos taken?

The answer is: “Have fun…especially if it rains!” Indeed they had!! 

sunset at Randall Oaks
Randall Oaks Golf Course
bride playing golf

engagement on golf course
wearing fun shirts
engaged couple portraits
fun shot at golf course

It was a lot of fun capturing these engagement photos at Randall Oaks Golf Course. We had everything! Rain, sunset, golf and LOVE!!

Here’s to many, many happy years together!


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