Randall Oaks Golf Club Wedding

  Randall Oaks Golf Club Wedding  with Brianna and Tim

Not to long ago, we’ve done their engagement photo session in Elgin. Time passed fast and here we are on a beautiful October day at Randall Oaks Golf Club for the wedding of Brianna and Tim.  While the Randall Oaks Golf Club staff were preparing the outdoor ceremony site,  families started to arrive and hang out.

Lots of kids including Brianna and Tim’s ones were playing around and get ready for their function at the ceremony. I was impressed about the new tradition I’ve seen of elders cleaning in front of the newly weds  then the couple jumping over the broom.

Soon after the outdoor ceremony we took some photos of the couple and bridal party around the Randall Oaks venue.

Photography: Doru Halip

DJ: Anthony Malloy

Venue: Randall Oaks Golf Club 

fall-wedding tim-getting-ready outdoor-ceremony-Randall-Oaks-Golf-Course-West-Dundee kids-watching-bride-getting-ready rings-and-fork Tina white Brianna Turner Randall Oaks Golf Course Wedding Ocotber 2015 groom-and-his-mom kids-with-flowers-wedding flower-girls unique-shot-of-the-bride parent-of-the-bride here-it-come-the-bride kids-at-wedding-Randal-Oaks first-look-randall-oaks ring-ceremony mother-crying father-of-the-groom-officiating son-of-the-bride grandparent-wedding candid-wedding-photo wedding-ceremony-itinerary enjoy-the-wedding Randall Oaks Golf Course Wedding outdoor groomsmen-reading-wows bride-reading-the-wows the-rings-ceremony the-broom-jump-tradition black-and-white-portraits-Randall-Oak wedding-bouquet Tim-and-Brianna-wedding flower-girls-Randall-Oaks wedding-picture-Randall-Oak kids-playin H-Photography-at-Randall-Oaks bride-maids-wedding-photo wedding-photo-groomsmen photo-session-Randal-Oaks-West-Dundee great-entrance-at-Randall-Oaks kid-making-bubbles Randall Oaks Golf Course Randall Oaks Golf Course Wedding first-dance dancing-Randall-Oaks Speech-Randall-Oaks-Golf-Course Wedding-reception-Randall-Oaks-West-Dundee

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