There’s something about a classic, formal wedding inside of a church that gets me every time. It just feels so pure and cinematic. I love the pews, the pulpit, the architecture, and – if I’m lucky – the stained glass windows. Patricia and Scott’s wedding took place at Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church inEast Dundee, which has a beautiful architecture.


These two met at a Starbucks. Scott was traveling through NW Indiana when he stopped at the Starbucks Patricia was at.  She was reading a Clean Eats book and Scott started up a conversation with her about the book.  They exchanged numbers and set up their first date shortly after.

I asked Patricia how did she get her wedding dress:

“Even before we got engaged I always talked about wearing my moms dress, but it did not work out.  I tried on her dress and was going to remake it to fit me, but my mom convinced me to go try on dresses just to make sure I was satisfied with her dress. So, I went to the bridal store on Presidents Day to try on dresses.  I went by myself, not intending to buy a dress.  I tried on quite a few different styles.  When I tried on the one I bought, I new it was the one! I felt so pretty in it and did not want to take it off right away.  I tried my moms veil on with it and it matched perfectly! That sealed the deal and I bought my dress that day.  ”

Going back to the wedding day, Scott got ready at their home in West Dundee and Patricia at the wedding in East Dundee. 

wedding-dress bride-wedding-dress groom-getting-ready pool-wedding-reading bride-getting-ready father-of-the-bride

Since we were at church in East Dundee, we wanted to make sure we took advantage of the big stained windows and the architecture. At the exit from the ceremony, the guests waited to greet the couple with soap bubbles and throwing money at them.bride-stained-window ring-bearers flower girl groom's-family walking down the aisle presenting the bride evangelic-cathedral ring-ceremony blessings buble-soap money-ceremony

After the ceremony at Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church inEast Dundee we went to the Fabyan Windmill in Geneva followed by some photos into the Fabyan Forest Preserve.

Scot&Patricia Fabyan-windmill wedding-portrait junior-bridal-party Scott-Patricia-windmill Fabyan-Forest-Preserve-Wedding Geneva-uniqe-fine-art-wedding-photography black-white Fabyan-Park-Geneva-Batavia-Engagement-Session-with-son-and-dog-fall-autumn-chicago-wedding-portrait-photographer-doru-halip fabyan-bridge Fabyan-forest-preserve-geneva Geneva-IL small-bridal-party first-touch Fabyan-forest-geneva Japanese-garden

As soon as we finished the photos at the Japanese Garden we moved to the Riverside Receptions and Conference Center in Geneva to greet the  wedding guests then took some more photos outside the venue as the clouds produced a dramatic  lights over the Fox River. 

Balcony-Riverside-venue Riverside Receptions and Conference Center Golden hour Candid-image-riverside-venue veil-game under-the-veil

Before getting into the reception party we got few more fun images with Scott and Patricia in front of Riverside Receptions and Conference Center.

emotional moment groom-smoking Riverside Receptions and Conference Center wedding

The party started with the Grand Introuduction followed by the dances and it incorporated some wedding traditions as: sweet kiss, dollar dance and of course the bouquet toss and garter toss.

decorations-Riverside-Geneva Bouquet-toss cake-cutting cake-feeding groom-speech first-dance kids-dance bouquet-toss garter-toss catch-the-garder sweet-kiss train-dance

About their wedding day,Patricia said, “I was most nervous about our time schedule. We had a tight schedule with it being a Sunday, but it worked out perfectly.  I was also anxious and nervous about what Scott was going to say to me when he saw me in my dress for the first time.  He told me I looked absolutely beautiful in it! Scott was nervous that it was going to rain on our wedding day which is a bad omen in his culture but the storms held off and we had a beautiful day!”

Last question was: What was your favorite moment(s) from the wedding?

Scott’s favorite moments were when the pastor said, “You may kiss the bride,” and the cake cutting at the hall.  My favorite moments were when I peaked at Scott getting ready at our house and when I saw him standing in the front of the church as my dad walked me down the aisle.

You guys are going to rock this whole being married thing. Thanks for sharing your day with me!

Vendors: Videography: Black Media 

Dj: State of Mind DJ 

Venue: Riverside Receptions & Conference Center 

 Photography: H Photography 

If you want to see more photos from Fabyan Forest Preserve in Geneva click here!



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