After the Wedding Snowboard Photos

Snowboarding Photo Session 

Adrian wanted photos after the wedding

great idea for wedding photos in winterBride is Rodica and the groom Adrian romanian couplemoment from their wedding in Detroit visinta the Mt. Holy sky and snowboard club in Michigangreat place for taking pictures at Mt. Holy

photos at the snowboardan unforgetable photo session on Mt.Holy

the 2 subjects took photos on snowboardthe bride was amazed the shotusing Canon focal points to get a sharp image

the bride loves posing with the sky googlesBride and Groom had the idea of wedding photos in snow

Adrian our groom love the snowboardreflecting groom on the bride's googles while posing for us

Rodica is one of the most beautiful brides to shotthe most beautiful subjects for my wedding photos

Adrian and Rodica have snowboards made by Rome and Roxybride and groom crazy about wedding photography

bride and groom having photo post session on snowboards

photos of trash the dress in snowAdrian playing the snowboard for photo shoot on snowAdrian and Rodica leaving the wedding photo session

After the Wedding Photos:

Snowboarding Photo Session

While many believe winter wedding photos are just for the day of, others know that you can keep the moment going further. For example, our newlywed couple Adrian and Rodica decided to do something different after their wedding in Detroit.  It was kind of like a trash the dress session, only extremer!
Two days after their nuptials, they had a photo shoot in the snow, at a place they frequent. The groom has always loved snowboarding and his beautiful bride soon picked up an interest as well. It is not bizarre at all to have wedding photos on a snowboard, they thought. And of course, they were right. The best thing when it comes to taking photos after weddings is to have the couple participating in an activity they both enjoy or at a place that holds sentimental value to them.
For this duo, their unforgettable session took place at Mt. Holy Ski and Snowboard Club, the temperature was very cold, yet these lovebirds were real troopers. We got some amazing shots of them before they hit the slopes and the snow added to the focal points. Each was equipped with personalized snowboards and they took turns doing tricks for the camera.
We were thrilled to have the opportunity to capture remarkable shots of the pair up in the air with their boards clinging to their toes. The clouds served as spots in the natural scenery. Posing with their hats, goggles, scarves and sweaters on, Adrian and Rodica were wonderful subjects to photograph.
Wedding photography will no longer be the same after this day. People now know that they have so many options when it comes to producing lifelong mementos. Not only are photographers available to shoot your wedding, however, we’re available for pre and post sessions as well. Keep us in mind for engagement, boudoir, wedding and trash the dress photo shoots!

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  1. Absolutely Awesome Extreme Set of Images. Fantastic work by all Involved!

  2. I love these photos so much!! Bride and Groom on snowboard? How cool is that!!!
    Congrats on such amazing story!

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