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Choosing a Professional Wedding Photographer

Your wedding will be the talk of the century, a memory you’ll never forget and the most fun you will have by incorporating these three things:

The Poetry Of A Photographer

Uncle Jim and your father in-law’s video cameras will absolutely capture the moment and moments leading up to it. But, if you hire a professional photographer for your wedding you are destined to have every moment captured in the highest of quality, with finesse, and as a trained individual behind the lens your photographer will capture and even make moments that you would never have known existed at your wedding. It is a hard job to do good photography but only a professional will know when to change an angle. They’ll capture symmetry, a tear falling from one of your bridesmaids, a slow motion effect on an eagle soaring to the heavens as the groom looks over his shoulder to gaze his eyes on his love. Photographers are aware of the surrounding they know that your guests have dressed for the occasion that the caterer has put her life’s skills to the task, and they will get those cherishable good shot of everyone genuinely moved by the event.

taking a walk with their photographerwedding photography by Doru Halip

Dance At Your Wedding

If your heart is dancing, you should be on your feet. 3o seconds or 5 minutes of choreographed dancing between you and your father, the groom or anyone your heart desires will really set the tone for how your heart feels—and it will be unimaginably fun, memorable. Surprises are the best; remember when he revealed the ring? Show how much you appreciate your life and your guests by putting on a timeless performance for them, and allow your photographer to put his strengths to work. There is no other poetry, like poetry in motion.





bride catching the moon great photography journalistic stylebridal partytaking a different level of professional photography at weddingbride and groom posing for a good shot

Bride And Bridesmaids United, You Have to Trash Your Dresses

Even better than a bachelorette party will be trashing your dress.  This style of photography is extremely exciting like running into the rain to let your emotions run free. You and your best of friends have evolved into glorious women, see this as evolution to the pillow fights you’ve had when you were younger or the sleepless nights you’ve had on the weekends. Finale the wedding the best way you know how, by partying and enjoying each other’s roaring laughter’s—but with the utmost sense of style. And this is how you decelerate yourself as a fearless bridal dancing queen.  We have many photo-shots  “trash the dress’ themed photography. Behold a fabulous adventure


Photography by: Doru and Claudia Halip


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