Stephanie and AJ tying the knot at Victoria in the Park Mount Prospect

Wedding at Victoria in the Park

Finally, we had a chance to capture the joyous moment of one couple tying the knot at Victoria in the Park venue in Mount Prospect on a SUNNY DAY. We have photographed other weddings at this venue including  Daniela and Jose and Jenifer with Tim but they were all in the winter season. A sunny day was just what was needed for  Victoria in the Park to shine like a jewel. Surrounded by the emerald lawns, sparkling lake, and cascading waterfall, it was a picture-perfect venue for a picture-perfect wedding.

After an engagement session at Botanical Garden in Chicago, our young couple Stephanie and AJ said their “I dos” in front of the family and friends.

Preparations at the venue

The wedding day started with the bride and bridesmaid getting ready at the venue.  The groom and his groomsmen made sure that they came well prepared. Dressed in slick black-and-white suits they were ready for the event. Guests started arriving into the ceremony room.  The TVK Orchestra was getting set up for the party. The vendors were busily working on arrangements in the ceremony and cocktail room. And then, everything stopped as the bride glided gracefully down the stairs, hand in hand with her father.

Ceremony at Victoria in the Park 

The couple was beaming with happiness as they exchanged their rings. They broke the seriousness of the ceremony by breaking the glass and breaking into laughter. The ceremony was a traditional Jewish one but with a twist. The officiating minister was also the groom’s cousin which made this even more meaningful to the family. The bride’s mother and grandparents as well as the groom’s grandparents, though no longer alive, were very present in the hearts and minds of all the guests.

Wedding photos  around the Victoria in the Park

After the ceremony, it was time for some family group photos. Everyone enjoyed themselves, smiling from ear to ear, posing as real pros. Then, together with the couple, we sneaked out to catch the outside beauty of the Victoria in the Park. But nothing could go unnoticed by the trained eyes of the groomsmen. They found us out and insisted on posing in a couple of photos. We had fun with the whole bridal party!

Reception at Victoria in the Park

The reception was perfect, from the introduction of the bridal party, parents and of course bride and groom to the cake cutting. Guests were having fun as the TVK Orchestra played their hearts out. The father of the groom proudly gave away cigars and matches to the guests. We even managed to catch three generations in a single photo … photo… the groom, his father, and his grandfather all enjoying the flavor of the cigars.

The celebration continued with dinner as the waiters impressed everyone with their skillfulness pouring wine in unison at the same time. A perfectly trained army, as seen from the photos.

We had a marvelous time at this family-infused wedding and are more than certain that the love we saw in Stephanie and AJ’s eyes will last a lifetime.

Congrats Stephanie and AJ.


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  1. As the father of the groom, I wanted to say you guys did a fantastic job. You really captured
    the moments of one of the happiest and most joyous celebrations of my life. Thank you so much!

    1. Hello mr. Marc! Thank you for your comment! It was a pleasure to be there and photographing the wedding of Aj and Stephanie.
      Thanks again for the kind words!

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