5 Reasons Why You Should Have an Unplugged Wedding

Do you know the many reasons as to why you should have an unplugged wedding?unplugged wedding

Today, the world is filled with cellphones and sharing experiences on social media. Even classrooms and life at home has been overcome with phones and cameras. Our attention is dominated by screens, and we tend to miss out on the most important things in life, such as experiencing the moments. On your wedding day, you will want your guests to fully experience your all of the excitement, rather than being glued to their cellphones.

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With an unplugged wedding, you can avoid losing the authentic experience of your wedding day. Ask your loved ones to keep their phones put away so that they can really feel the emotions and take in the details that you worked tirelessly to plan. You won’t regret hosting an unplugged wedding when your guests have an unforgettable experience.

There are many more reasons as to why you should host an unplugged wedding. So, be sure to continue reading to learn why this is a wonderful option for your special day:unplugged wedding

  • Privacy is Important. Your wedding is an invite-only event. Only the special people in your life will be present to see your intimate nuptials. One of the hazards of social media is that everyone gets to witness your private events. You can keep your guests from posting videos and photos of your special day, or worse, going live during your ceremony or reception. Keep this day an exclusive event by asking your guests to put away their phones for your unplugged wedding.

unplugged wedding

  • It’s About the Experience. You and your partner have worked for months to put together an incredible experience for your guests. You will feel many intense emotions as you see each other for the first time on your special day, when you are pronounced newlyweds, and even when you share your first dance. The whole day has been planned to be an incredible experience. It’s not just about the memories you preserve, but the memories you will make. Keep your guests focused on experiencing the wedding through dance, conversation, games, catching the bouquet and garter, and tasting the delicious food. When you ask your guests to put away their phones and cameras for your unplugged wedding, they will participate more and worry less about capturing the moment.

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  • Photographer Intrusions. You hired your professional photographer for a reason, to capture your big day! However, if guests are in the way trying to capture their own photos on their phones and cameras, they will pose as intrusions within your photos. Picture your walk down the aisle, and all your photos represent are guests on their phones taking photos…that doesn’t make for ideal professional photos! Instead, capture the emotions of your guests by choosing to have an unplugged wedding.

unplugged wedding

  • The Groom Won’t Be Able to See His Bride. If everyone is standing in the aisle with their phones and cameras pointed towards the bride as she makes her grand debut, how will her groom be able to get a good look at her? It is important to remember that this is your wedding day, and that you should be able to have only the best experiences possible. If your guests are taking their own initiative to capture photos, they can get in the way of such special moments, which certainly isn’t ideal.

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  • Receive Only the Best Photos. Another undesirable hazard of allowing your guests to have their phones and cameras present during your wedding are the undesirable photos that they may capture. There are too many occasions when unflattering photos can present themselves, such as while you are eating, talking, or just an awkward angle. If you rely on your professional photographer to produce stunning photos and don’t allow amateur photography from your guests, you will walk away with only the best photos from your big day.

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Your wedding day should be a day filled with wonderful memories and great fun, not a day that is ruled by technology and screens. Host an unplugged wedding so that you and your partner can have an unforgettable day accompanied by your loved ones, and their full attention.


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