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Paris – Destination Wedding Photography

Paris presents such a romantic setting that many long for. Visiting the top of the Eiffel Tower, enjoying the local cuisine, viewing the extravagant beauty; there are many attractions that will surely be a wonderful addition to your vacation. But, could you imagine how romantic this setting would be for your destination wedding?

There is no doubt that your wedding will be intimate! But, with the right setting, you can enhance the romance and the overall experience that you and your partner will share. A destination wedding can certainly set the perfect mood for your nuptials, and Paris poses as the perfect location.


We believe that your wedding should be one of a kind! That’s why we have put together a few wonderful benefits to hosting a destination wedding in Paris. Be sure to continue reading to learn the many benefits that Paris can offer your wedding day:

  • What Paris Can Offer Your Wedding Experience.What is so special about Paris? Other than the hype and exotic appeal, Paris is filled with stunning architecture. Imagine what this unique style can provide for your wedding day, let alone your wedding photos. But, that’s not all. If love was a location, many agree that Paris would be it. After all, it is called The City of Love. This is the perfect opportunity for you to capture romantic photos for your collection of photos.
  • An Adventure to Talk About. Marriage is incredible! However, it has become a taboo thought that when married too long, your relationship loses adventure. This does not have to be true, especially when you kick off your marriage with a bang! Start off your marriage on the right foot when you present your partner and closest loved ones with an exclusive wedding experience. You and your partner will be thrilled to share your wedding experience, and your guests won’t be able to stop talking about it. The adventurers that you share with your guests will add some festive photos to your collection.
  • Exotic Cuisine. Food is the fastest way to the heart, and Paris will be your true love. With numerous different local cuisines, Paris has made a name for itself in the culinary world. Imagine being able to provide these delicious cuisines to your closest loved ones. You will have a delectable meal to accompany your nuptials! The local cuisine is so beautiful and delicious, letting you capture some scrumptious photos for your wedding album.
  • A Satisfactory Budget. Your budget shouldn’t be a concern when booking your destination wedding. In fact, it can even be cheaper than hosting a traditional wedding for all of your friends and family. Not only will your guest list be much smaller and only contain your closest loved ones, but many hotels offer incredible wedding packages to happy couples. This will save your wedding budget and your wallet. Plus, it is a way for you to provide your guests with an inexpensive mini vacation.

These benefits can surely inspire you to host an exclusive destination wedding. And, what better location than Paris?!

We spent two amazing days with Anca and Bogdan in Paris. We had amazing weather and beautiful light. Photos were taken around Paris on the beautiful bridges, at Louvre at the Eiffel Tower  and of course at Versailles. Anca and Bogdan had a traditional wedding and they wanted a Destination Wedding Photo Session in Paris. The city where Bogdan proposed Anca to marry him! Such a romantic story.

A slideshow of the Wedding Photo Session Paris can be seen here:

Wedding Photo Session Paris

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  1. Thank you David.

  2. lovely locations and great concepts! love the variety you offered in this shoot! The last 2 are my faves!

    1. Thanks Alexis!

  3. Fabulous shots!! You are a talented photographer….Love the one with Eiffel tower in the background

  4. Excellent backgrounds selection…Very talented…..

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