Wedding photo session in Seville Spain

 Wedding Photo Session Seville – Spain

Such a beautiful city… Seville!!

Great place for a wedding photographer. We had a great time with   Dana & Ika going from place to place. 


 Destination weddings are a great way for you and your partner to start your marriage with a brand-new adventure. The unique and rare setting will provide a stunning location for your vows and will leave your guests talking about your big day forever. Are you planning a destination wedding to tie the knot?

If so, you may be browsing lovely locations that could be your dream surroundings. Surely there are plenty of locations that would provide a pretty background for your nuptials. But, don’t you want something that will make your big day unforgettable?

Seville, Spain could be the exotic scenery you have been searching for. If you are curious about the beautiful destination, continue reading to discover why your nuptials would be perfectly set in Seville, Spain:

  • Incredible Wedding Photos. Do you want wedding photos that will stand apart from the rest? Every couple you know seems to have beautiful photos. But, when they all feature local spots, they seem more familiar and less jaw-dropping. When your wedding is photographed in an unfamiliar country, your loved ones won’t be able to stop gawking at your photos.
  • Less People to Host For. When you host a wedding, every single friend you have talked to in recent years will be expecting an invite. This can rack up your guest list pretty fast. But, when you are hosting a destination wedding, your guest list will be smaller, as not everyone will be able to travel. Not only will your wedding day be more intimate with a smaller number of guests attending, but you will also save money within your budget by not having to plan for so many elements.
  • It Can Be Cheaper!It’s natural to worry about the financial part of planning your wedding. After all, it certainly isn’t cheap. But, did you know that popular locations actually offer wedding packages that can be cheaper than planning an ordinary wedding? Especially when your guest list is much smaller.
  • A Bonding Adventure.The memories of your vacations will stay with you forever. When it’s a wedding and a vacation location, you can be sure that these memories will forever be a favorite. It also allows you to bond with your partner, new in-laws, and even your wedding party and guests.
  • Planning Made Easy.Planning a wedding is certainly nerve wracking as you will want to ensure that every last detail is beautiful and prepared on time. Doesn’t this seem exhausting? Destination weddings are typically easier and faster to plan, as venues tend to offer a natural and beautiful setting, and already have plenty of elements, such as tables and chairs, readily available for your event.

There are many reasons that a destination wedding could be an incredible detail for your day, and even more reasons as to why Seville, Spain could be the perfect setting for your wedding day.


If you want to see more wedding photos of another Romanian couple here is a link:

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  1. Wow, just beautiful! I’m currently in the US but had the opportunity to visit Sevilla quite a few years back. What beautiful scenery and wonderful photos!

  2. Hi Doru and Claudia, your photo are amazing and what a beautiful location, regards Gary

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