Wedding Photography  Highland Park IL

Catalin and Andreea

We were lucky enough to run into a fun Romanian couple, Catalin and Andreea, in downtown Chicago a while back. We loved that these newlyweds were full of energy and friendliness when we met them. Photographing the two was a very enjoyable and memorable experience.

 Wedding Photography  Highland Park IL

Before the wedding, we photographed Catalin and Andreea’s engagement wedding photography session in Schaumburg, Illinois.
The couple wanted a traditional Romanian wedding. The groom, Catalin, arrived together with the godparents of the wedding to Andreea’s parents’ house where we photographed the bride’s preparation for the wedding along with traditional wedding photography of her parents and relatives together. After a fun experience with all of the family, the whole bridal party left for the botanical garden in Chicago for a wedding photography session in the heart of the city’s most romantic scenery. After capturing some wonderful pictures, we all left for the religious ceremony part of the wedding. The Orthodox wedding ceremony took place in Saint Mary’s Orthodox Church in Chicago.

Highland park Bride Botanical Garden Chicago
At the wedding reception after the ceremony, we were delighted to hear the party music consisting of ARTISTIC CHICAGO band.
It was an absolute pleasure to work with this particular wedding because we were accompanied by a video crew, Media in Black, who helped us document the beautiful wedding. We wish Catalin and Andreea a strong future together and much health and happiness to come their way.

by: Doru Halip

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