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Wedding Photography Detroit

Tavi and Dana’s wedding in the Motor City, known for its industrial strength landscape, transformed our viewpoint of the city on the day of their lush, romantic affair. It was a chance to document the customs and cultures of the tight knit Romanian community in the U.S., and to meet a truly beautiful couple with tons of personality.

From nearly sun-up to sundown, we traveled with the newlyweds and their company to create a treasured album with photographs in full color, black and white, and sepia tones.  The couple exchanged vows in front of 200 well wishers in a traditional Pentecostal Romanian service at the ornate Bethel Romanian Pentecostal Church, with a reception afterwards at the Crystal Garden.  We met the bride and groom separately for photographs before they united as one, and we enjoyed first class tickets to the festivities until the fall of the night.

As event photographers, we wanted to capture the bride’s youthful glow, the groom’s enormous pride and their bridal party’s exciting energy.  No matter if we zoomed along in a limo with the fellas or caught the whole party jumping for joy barefoot in Crystal Gardens, the couple and their loved ones were an absolutely joy to photograph.  Tavi and Dana’s sincere embrace stopped traffic in downtown Detroit.  They beamed like something out of the movies in front of the historical Fox Theater as Tavi swept Dana off her feet all over again.  Some scenes were improvised in order to take advantage of the setting sun, such as on a bridge along Lake Michigan in downtown Detroit with a stunning natural background waiting for us.  Others were planned well in advance, as Tavi’s is a piano man at heart; he wanted a photo of the two loves of his life together at once, and this grand piano was a gleaming subject.

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We were thrilled by the bride’s choice of a very lush, royal purple that created a many striking scenes with her bridesmaids, giving special focus to their gowns.  It was fun to see the groomsmen loosen their ties.  From kneeling at the altar to leaning against the spectacular mahogany doors leading to their intimate cathedral Tavi and Dana were a joy to photograph and meet.  At every stop we made, onlookers were spellbound by the bottomless love and happiness that we could only capture a fraction of on our photos.  We want to thank Tavi and Dana for choosing us to commemorate the first day of their happy, healthy and fortunate life together.

Here at The H Wedding Photographers, we promise to capture a range of perspective, scenery, ambiance, distance and tone to add variety to your package and your memories for yourself, your family and future generations.  No matter if you are planning a religious service or a civil union, a large soiree or an intimate gathering, an indoor wedding or an outdoor service, we will handle you and your special day with the utmost professional care with creative design.

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