Wedding Photos in Winter

Delia and Edi had another winter photo session for their wedding

Wedding Photos in Winter – Chicago Area 

Edi and Delia  had already been married for a couple of weeks. They actually had their wedding during the winter and because it was one of the coldest winters Chicago has experienced in the last two years, they decided to postpone the photo shoot until it got a little warmer.

We decided to take some after wedding photos in winter around the Dundee area. In the photos, you can see some of the downtown Dundee locations as well as the Raceway Woods Forest Preserve. Delia wore her lovely long white wedding dress to the photo shoot. It came with a mini winter coat and she looked very sophisticated in it.

We walked around the West Dundee location and got some great little town shots of her standing by herself. Edi wore a deep blue suit with a traditional tie and we got some fun shots of Edi looking lovingly at his wife from the distance. There weren’t many people in the town itself, so we used this to our advantage and had the bride and groom walking together by themselves without any distractions from the crowd.

The couple brought along some cool props and in several photos they are holding up their very own picture frame. I especially like the photo where the couple is kissing in the frame as I think it captures their love perfectly. In other scenes, the couple brought along some nicely decorated cups to help keep warm and some funky sun glasses too!

The groom had a mini wardrobe change when we got to the Raceway Woods Forest Preserve for our after wedding photos in winter photo session. He took off his tie and jacket and put on a cardigan sweater to stay warm. The woods add a special element of romance and we got a couple of great shots of the couple holding each other on a bench as well as on a fallen tree. Along the way we saw some horses and stopped to take advantage of the beautiful scenery.

by: Doru Halip

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  1. These are incredible images!!! The light, composition and post-processing are to die for! Also swooning over the loving moments captured. Beautiful Chicago wedding photography.

  2. Gorgeous wedding portraits! I am sure this couple will cherish these for the rest of their lives! Her dress is amazing!

  3. What a fun wedding portrait session. The brides dress is absolutely stunning! It looks like they had a blast and I’m sure it was nice for them to be able to enjoy a longer more laid back session for these portraits vs being rushed on the wedding day. I am sure they will cherish these images for years to come!

  4. The Dundee area is absolutely stunning in winter! You chose the perfect location for this winter bridal shoot. I love them all, but my favorite is the one where they are walking away holding hands. Lovely!

    1. Thank you Deanna! The Dundee area is perfect for photo sessions.

  5. What beautiful wedding portraits! I love how you make winter feel warm and these are just amazing. I am sure this bride and groom are going to treasure these portraits for generations.

  6. That’s such a great idea to do portraits after the wedding. I’m sure the bride and groom are more relaxed and you get plenty of time to go to different beautiful locations. This winter wedding photo session is beautiful!

  7. STUNNING wedding gown!!! I love wedding portraits in the snow – so magical and they are so in love!

  8. “A little warmer” made me giggle! It still looks freezing! Winter wedding photos can be stunning, as you have proven here. How fun for this bride and groom to wait for better weather and get a very personalized wedding portrait session. You captured so much variety here, and there is never time for that on the actual wedding day! I really hope Chicago is getting warmer now!

    1. Thank you Christine! After one digit temperatures in Chicago area, we were really lucky to get a little warmer weather 🙂

  9. What a stunning couple! The winter backdrop made for some amazing wedding photos! Great work:)

    1. Thank you Dawn! We have so much winter here lately that winter background is not an option. 🙂

  10. Looks like you had a fun time taking these wedding photos in Dundee! I hope they stayed warm that day!

  11. Beautiful wedding photography in the snow! And such a handsome couple. Looks like the location in Dundee turned out to be a great place for their photos!

    1. Thank you Esther! The couple is very handsome and very young too :))

  12. what a brave couple getting out there in the snow and cold but oh my goodness was it worth it! these photos are beautiful and amazing!! great job!

    1. Yes, Ashley! They were a brave couple. You should’ve seen the wedding day! It was one digit temperature when we went for the photo session.

  13. oooo I love how you captured the blue sky!!! LOVE!!!! And her dress, beautiful!!

  14. Wow, can you say power couple. They look amazing. It looks like delaying their session really worked in their advantage. Beautiful Dundee location.

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